Men's Card Table Boxer Brief

Men's Card Table Boxer Brief

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This boxer is designed for men's comfort. The cardboard table boxer design is unique. It may be difficult to see this short men's underwear on other sites. Then you have to add it to your cart immediately to order. Also, don't be surprised if you have such an affordable price. 90% polyester and cotton blend. It has a light, flexible and breathable quality fabric. It can relieve all the discomfort in your skin. It gently wraps around the waist thanks to its elastic band. It does not gather or slide. At the same time, stitch marks are professionally hidden.
Ranger Ridge: Clean cut, outdoors fresh air

Top Note: Aromatic/Herbal/Sage/Papyrus
Middle Note: Woody/Cedar/Sandalwood
Base Note: Spicy/Floral/Cardamom, Iris, Violet

Player's Edge: 
Spicy dark inviting

Top Note: Sweet/Vanilla/Honey
Middle Note: Citrusy/Bergamot
Base Note: Spicy/Cassia/Cardamom

Mod Sleek: 
Manly wrap her around your fingers

Top Note: Light Woody/Cedar
Middle/Base Notes: Musk Woody/ Teak, Oak, Mahogany

Temple magic: 
Spicy Mystical seduction

Top Note: Citrusy/Spiced Citrus
Middle Note: Rich/Amber/Patchouli
Base Note: Sweet/Warm/Vanilla/Jasmine

Fatal Attraction: 
Warm, Citrus

Top Note: Floral/Jasmine, Lavender
Middle Note: Fresh/Zesty/Citrusy/Mint, Coriander, Lavender, Neroli
Base Note: Woody/Musk/Sandalwood, Cedar

Solomon's gold: 
Dark star

Top Note: Spicy/Warm: Vetiver
Middle Note: Citrusy/Clementine
Base Note: Woody/Heavy/Sequoia, Silver Birch

Texas Angel: 
Decadent Dark Phoenix

Top Note: Aromatic/Sage, Patchouli
Middle Note: Spicy/ Ginger, Pepper
Base Note: Rich/Woody/Amber, Cedar, Redwood

Blue bloods: 
Sweet, sweet seduction

Top Note: Sweet/Vanilla
Middle Note: Aromatic/Sage
Base Note: Rich/Bourbon

Silver Rush: 
Sweet, spicy, manly

Top Note: Sweet/Cool/Vanilla
Middle Note: Citrusy/Fresh/Woody: Lemon, Orange Blossom, Bergamot, Guaiac Wood
Base Note: Rich/Aromatic: Star Anise

Weekend rum: 

Top Note: Warm/Lavender
Middle Note: Spicy/Black Pepper
Base Note: Rich/Sweet/Bergamot/Vanilla

Love samba: 

Top Note: Fresh Citrusy/Juniper
Middle Note: Woody/Birch/Sage/Sandalwood
Base Note: Amber/Cashmere

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