We know you value your health, skin and hair, so we're giving you a run down on the various organic oils and scents used in our oils, balms, waxes, lotions, washes and shampoos.

1. Vertiver: Used in our vertivet cumin beard oil and balm, vertiver is a plant used to make medicine. Vetiver is applied directly to the skin for relieving stress, emotional traumas and shock; treating lice; and repelling insects.
Vetiver grass is closely related to fragrant grasses such as lemongrass and citronella. It has an earthy, woody smell comapred to uncut grass on a sunny day.

Vetiver Grass
2. Cumin: is a flowering plant native to the middle east stretching all the way to India. It has a distinctive flavor and warm aroma. It is used as a spice in food and is sometimes confused for caraway seeds. Its essential oil is said to be used as a remedy for headaches, digestive disorders and rheumatoid arthritis. It's also said to boost the immune system, reduce inflammation and fight infections. It is used topically for skin and hair, to fight acne, dry hair, psoriasis and dry skin. Used in our Vetiver Cumin Beard Oil and Balm.Cumin seeds

3. Tonka Bean: Used in our Tonka Sandalwood beard oil and balm. Known as Kumaru, this plant is native to Central and South America. The seeds are black, wrinkled, and have a smooth, brown interior. They have a sweet vanilla caramel smell with a hint of cinnamon.Tonka Beans

4. Sandalwood: is a class of trees in the genus Santalum. The wood is heavy, yellow and fine-grained. Sandalwood fragrance is retained for decades. Sandalwood is the second most expensive wood in the world, next to African blackwood. Its fragrance is warm, creamy, smooth, wood-based. It adds longevity to other scents, enabling them to last longer.Sandalwood

5. Vanilla: Used in our vanilla patchouli beard oil and balm. Derived from a plant "vanilla planifolia". The vanilla flower produces a fruit which only lasts for one day, which means it has to be harvested immediately. Benefits of vanilla include, libido boost, anti-oxidant, relieves PMS, stops the growth of cancer cells, anti-depressant, reduces inflammation.

Vanilla Plant

6. Patchouli: is a plant bearing small, pink or purple flowers. It is native to the tropical regions of Asia and is widely cultivated in the Caribbean. Its seed producing flowers are very fragrant and blossom in late fall. Patchouli oil can serve as an insect repellent.

Patchouli Flowers