Natural Beard Growth Oil 1oz



Castlebeard's awesome beard oil is made of natural raw materials and has 9 carrier organic oils that conditions and nourishes each follicle of your beard.

Our formulas are designed to promote fast growth, restore moisture, deep condition and soften. Our products are made in the USA

Formulated especially for men, our premium oil contains the best beard fuel nutrients necessary to boost your beard growth while keeping it healthy by volumizing and moisturizing the hair follicles, promoting length and thickness.

Our natural blend of ingredients will give your beard everything it needs to be fabulous.

No Fillers, Preservatives, Fragrances, or Colorants. Never Animal Tested. Cruelty Free.

Classic: Our classic beard oil contains 3 carrier oils.

Premium: Our premium beard oil contains 9 carrier oils.

The classic beard oil is a medium conditioning strength oil for softening and hydrating while the premium is a super conditioning strength oil for softening, hydration, skin repair, and growth.

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