Fresh picked mild peppermint Organic soap


Castlebeard USDA Certified Organic PepperMint Soap is great for your beard and skin and chock full of minty freshness! Peppermint boosts beard growth by increasing blood flow which increases nutrients supplied to your skin. It also opens up and cleans out pores removing dirt which hinders beard growth.

  • Organic oils and RSPO certified palm oil so its safe for the enviornment
  • Contains wheat grass, barley grass and peppermint leaf for exfoliation 
  • No chemicals - No Detergent - No Parabens

 Made in the USA. Natural Ingredients. 85% Organic. Never animal tested!

Classic: Our classic beard oil contains 3 carrier oils.

Premium: Our premium beard oil contains 9 carrier oils.

The classic beard oil is a medium conditioning strength oil for softening and hydrating while the premium is a super conditioning strength oil for softening, hydration, skin repair, and growth.

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