Gillette Venus Extra Smooth Women's Razor Blade - 6 Refills

Gillette Venus Extra Smooth Women&
Gillette Venus Extra Smooth Women&
Gillette Venus Extra Smooth Women&
Gillette Venus Extra Smooth Women&
Gillette Venus Extra Smooth Women&

Gillette Venus Extra Smooth Women's Razor Blade - 6 Refills

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"Venus - Designed for her body Venus razors are designed with a woman’s body in mind. From handles designed for a comfortable grip to pivoting heads that contour to curves Venus razors are designed to help reveal touchably smooth skin. Experience skin that feels extra smooth for longer Enjoy a close comfortable shave with Venus Extra Smooth. With five diamond-like coated blades for a closer shave and a protective ribbon of moisture you’ll experience skin that feels smoother for longer*. *vs. Venus Smooth 3-blade razor Complete your shaving routine with Venus Shave Gel Treat your skin with Luxurious Venus with Olay UltraMoisture shave gels. These gels have moisturizers for soft smooth skin every time you shave. Five diamond-like coated blades for an extra smooth shave Venus Extra Smooth features five diamond-like coated blades which are perfectly balanced to glide over skin so you stay extra smooth for longer. Ribbon of Moisture for incredible glide The Ribbon of Moisture around the blades is activated when wet for an incredible glade that helps protect against nicks and cuts. Ergonomic soft-grip gel handle The soft-grip gel handle is designed to ensure maximum control and manoeuvrability when shaving in a wet environment. Its shape allows for grip changes and adapts to different women’s styles and body area"


  • Experience skin that feels extra smooth for longer Venus Smooth.
  • 5 diamond‐like coated blades perfectly balanced glide over your skin.
  • The water-activated Ribbon of moisture around the blade helps protect from nicks & cuts.
  • The pivoting rounded head hugs curves and fits easily into hard-to-shave areas.
  • Venus ergonomic handles are shaped to allow the razor to be held in multiple positions and the soft-grip gel provides great control in wet and slippery conditions.
  • Any Venus blade fits any Venus razor handle except Venus Simply 3.


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Product Questions

1. What can I expect from Castlebeard Beard Care Products?
You can expect softer, smoother, moisturized, repaired, revitalized, and rejuvenated beard hair & skin when you try this conditioning, hydrating oil.

2. Is Castlebeard made for all skin types?
Yes, absolutely! All of Castlebeard's ingredients are intended for the most sensitive skin.

3. What are the ingredients used in Castlebeard formulas?
Our ingredients are the highest quality, organic oils and natural formulas to create a luxurious conditioning oil for your beard.

4. Can I use Castlebeard beard oil every day?
Yes, absolutely! We advise using Castlebeard beard oil as a conditioning oil for your beard every morning, but it's safe to use as often as you like.

5. What makes Castlebeard different from other beard oils?
Castlebeard does more than simply soften and smooth your beard hair it's designed to help beard growth, by hydrating your skin and conditioning your hair follicles. We selected the 9 best organic carrier oils specifically for being non-comodogenic, vitamin and mineral-rich, abundant antioxidants and other incredible skin benefits.

Organic Grape Seed oil contains antioxidants and linoleic acid that are healthy for both your body and skin. Organic Coconut Oil is a natural moisturizer, that's also known to repair skin. Argan Oil helps with inflammation, and contains Vitamin E that your skin loves. (And these are just a few!)

6. How do I use Castlebeard Beard Oil & Balm?

Beard Oil Instructions: Use daily after washing your face or a shower. Apply to a damp beard. Drop 2 - 5 drops of beard oil onto your palm and rub. Massage into face and beard, You want to get to the roots and the skin beneath your beard. You may gently use a beard comb to de-tangle your beard.

Beard Balm Instructions: Use daily after you shower. Apply to a dry beard for best results. Scrape out a dime sized amount of balm and rub between your palms. Run your fingers through your facial hair, starting from the neck and working up, making sure to rub balm into the skin and massage.

7. Will Castlebeard beard oil leave my beard hair greasy? 

No, Our beard oil quickly penetrates the surface of your skin, to condition your beard hair at its roots, to provide nutrients without leaving any grease or residue behind.

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