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Is your beard your pride and joy? Do you long to find the best possible products to take care of it in the best way you can? Or are you trying to grow out your facial hair and are stuck with a straggly beard that doesn’t seem to do what you want?

What's the best beard oil on the market, you ask? Whether you are looking to care for your beard, or looking to grow one out, using beard oil is crucial. It’s packed with essential nutrients to help your beard grow strong, healthy, and thick.

Best Beard Oil

25 Best Beard Oils


Castlebeard Beard Oil: Argan and Jojoba oil are some of Castlebeard's main ingredients. Argan oil softens and moisturizes hair while Jojoba hydrates your beard hair and removes dandruff.


Castlebeard everyday essentials beard kit

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The oils have fresh, fruity and citrus fragrances which last throughout the day which means that one bottle goes a long way.

Only a few applications softens and textures the beard while reducing beardruff.


  • Organic, natural, vegan ingredients 
  • Hydrating conditioner that soothes your skin and prevents irritation and dryness
  • Lasts for days after use
  • 12 awesome fragrances to choose from
  • Non-greasy oils that absorb quickly 
  • Buttery soft hair results



Honest Amish Classic Beard Oil is by far one of the most well-known brands on the list, that’s why it slid into the number one spot.


beard oil honest amish


Made with seven organic premium oils and seven essential oils, Honest Amish has you covered with all the right ingredients to help nourish your facial hair. The ingredients are 100% natural and organic, included in the mix is avocado, jojoba, apricot, sweet almond, virgin pumpkin seed, virgin argan, and kukui oil.

After just using a couple of times, you will notice an increase in beard growth, and the skin underneath will feel softer, smoother, and dandruff free!

Easily keep stray hairs at bay and relieve any itchiness caused from the beginning stages of growing out your luscious beard.


  • Made with a blend of essential oils
  • Absorbs quickly
  • No greasy residue
  • A little goes a long way, so it will last you for a while


  • Slightly strong smell
  • Not recommended for those who are allergic to nuts

 Here's a great alternative.



Bossman Jelly Oil is quite different from other oils, and what makes it so unique is that it’s actually made from jelly, it’s the first beard oil on the market to use jelly as an ingredient.

 Bossman Beard Oil

If you have any beard dandruff, flakey or itchy skin, this one's for you. The jelly will help grow out your beard quicker by conditioning the sensitive skin under your beard, leaving you feeling comfortable and hydrated.

Choose from three unique scents: magic (sandalwood and vanilla), hammer ( geranium and lavender), or gold (sandalwood, bergamot, lemon, and saffron). Bossam uses a unique blend of soybean oil, castor seed, beeswax, sunflower seed oil, avocado oil, as well as shea and cocoa seed butter to nourish your facial hair and skin.


  • The thickness from the jelly provides full coverage
  • Doesn’t dry out quickly
  • The bottle is huge, 4 oz. So, it will last you a long time
  • Choose from three fragrances


  • The bottle is quite big, so it may be hard to travel with
  • The jelly is sticky




    Perfect for those who are newly growing their perfect beard, or those with an established amount of facial hair, Prophet and Tools offer a 100% organic oil, and their product comes with a free beard comb and an ebook guide.

     Prophet Beard Oil

    The oil is not only vegan-friendly, but it also does not contain any nuts, making it safe for anyone with nut allergies.

    The oil helps seal split ends, de-tangle hair, reduce flakes and itchiness, leaving you with healthy, thicker, and fast-growing facial hair.

    The non-greasy formula absorbs quickly, and the small comb is perfect for any on the go touch ups.


            • 100% scent-free
            • Free comb and a beard care ebook guide included in the box
            • Vegan and nut free
            • It’s cheaper than most oils on the list


            • The comb breaks easily, but then again, it’s a free comb after all
            • It’s quite small, only 1 oz



    This oil from Wild Willies Beard Co. Oil is an award-winning original with the tagline: “Fuel your beard, and once you apply this product to your facial mane, your beard will be indeed fuelled, meaning it will enhance and boost its growth.”

     Wild Willies Beard Oil

    This oil comes with a potent blend of natural ingredients, ten vital vitamins, and an essential oil blend specially crafted to condition each hair follicle down to its roots.

    Stimulate hair growth and strengthen your luscious beard, and eliminate any beard itch or dandruff, all without having a greasy feeling left behind.

    The pump, which makes this oil extremely user-friendly allows maximum control over the pump, letting you only take the amount you need with every use, so nothing will go to waste. No more spillage and wasting product!


        • A unique blend of powerful natural ingredients
        • Easy-to-use pump
        • No oily or greasy residue


        • This price is on the higher side
        • The strong smell is off-putting to some



    We have another award-winner on the list with Port Products Conditioning Beard Absolute. This oil made waves in the industry with its promise to tame unruly hairs and dry skin.

     Port conditioning beard oil

    Grapeseed and argan oil are the start ingredients. The grapeseed oil softens and flattens the hairs and gives your skin underneath a healthy dose of moisturization while the argan oil unclogs pores and reduces flakey skin.

    The oil does have a slightly strong woodsy smell, but it does fade out throughout the day and its not overwhelming.

    After only a few applications with the easy to use glass dropper users noticed a huge change in the texture of their facial hair and a reduction in dandruff. The oil is potent, so only 4-5 drops are needed, even for a longer beard, and no need to worry about it shining throughout the day! It will sink into your skin after a few minutes.


        • Natural ingredients benefit your skin and facial hair
        • Easy to use due to the glass dropper
        • Absorbs quickly and the scent fades over time


        • It is one of the more expensive oils on the list
        • The bottle is small, so it won’t last you a long time
        • Very pricey


    The American Beard Company product is 100% organic, made for beards of all ethnicities, and tames even the most unruly facial hair. 

     American Beard Oil

    After using just once, men noticed a softer, stronger beard with less itchiness. The oil is designed to help your beard grow quicker and thicker.

    The best features of this oil are that it can also be used as a styling product as well and is 100% vegan-friendly.

    The company suggests only using 1 to 2 drops of the oil per application, making the bottle last a long time. Plus this oil is geared toward men with sensitive skin; the ingredients are non-irritating making this a great option if other oils bother your skin.

    For men who do not like fragrances, this oil is for you! It is 100% fragrance-free making it a breeze to combine with cologne if you chose.


        • 100% organic and vegan made of all natural ingredients
        • Completely fragrance-free
        • Appropriate for those with sensitive skin
        • Suitable for men of all ethnicities


        • The oil is thick, which makes it a bit harder to spread out


    Bulldog’s Beard Oil knows how to take care of your facial hair. The oil is exceptionally conditioning and hydrating and made for all types of hair.

     Bulldog beard oil

    If your beard is extra hard to manage, Bulldog’s oil may be the right fit for you. It will help grow out brittle hair and smooth coarse hair.

    Aloe vera, camelina oil, and green tea are packed into this oil to give it its skin-saving qualities. The oil is safe for sensitive skin and non-irritating.

    The feeling of this oil is more like a lotion, making it feel almost like a leave-in conditioner for your facial hair. It helps to tame strays while giving you the option to style using the same product. This one also has a matte finish once dry, so no worries about having a shiny finish throughout the day.

    Focus on areas that need the most attention, like strays or any damaged hair, then comb through to ensure even distribution.


        • High-quality natural ingredients
        • Safe for use on sensitive skin
        • Budget-friendly


        • Has a greasy feel during application
        • Tiny bottle, only 1oz



    The combination of organic jojoba oil, argan oil, and vitamin E are what give ArtNatural’s Beard and Stache Oil its super powerful healing and soothing properties.

     Art naturals beard oil

    The healing formula works deep into your skin to reduce inflammation and acne, soften hair, and make your daily maintenance more manageable.

    Vitamin E is a highlighted ingredient in this oil; it has antibacterial and antioxidant powers, protecting your skin from pollutants and allowing for faster hair growth.

    Split ends and bald spots are things of the past! This oil works similarly to a leave-in conditioner, meaning there is no need to wash out before styling your beard.

    The formula is made to be kind to all skin types, even those with ultra-sensitive skin, plus its 100% scent free!


        • The dark amber bottle prevents UV damage and oxidation
        • Works as a leave-in conditioner
        • Unscented and can be combined with colognes
        • For the high quality, the price is right


        • Takes time to soak into the beard
        • The formula is thin and watery


    Beardoholic is one of the highest quality oils on the list, and with that comes a bit of a raised price, but let me tell you, it’s worth it. The lightly scented cedar oil is kept in a dark glass bottle to protect help protect it from UV rays and oxidation (which can affect the color)

     Beardoholic beard oil

    Beardoholic oil is made with 100% pure natural ingredients. Included in the potent mix are argan, jojoba, almond, castor, and grapeseed oils, as well as wheat germ and a mix of essential oils.

    The benefits of this crafty formula include moisturization, no more itchiness, and you will be dandruff free. This allows your beard to grow stronger, faster, healthier, and improve the coarse texture.

    The formula is paraben free and non-GMO, making it safe for use on sensitive skin.


        • Suitable for all types of hair
        • Made with 100% natural ingredients
        • The amber bottle protects against UV deterioration and oxidation
        • Dropper-top makes application quick and easy


        • It’s one of the most expensive oils on the list



      Coming in at lucky number 10 is Honest Amish Premium, yep that’s the same brand as the number one spot, but this one does have some differences.

       Honest Amish Premium Beard Oil

      This version is thicker, which means that you will need much less oil to achieve the same results.

      The distinct yet gentle scent comes from essential oils, a hint of vanilla, as well as Texas Cedarwood. The smell is not overpowering, and it will leave you with a subtle smell throughout the rest of your day.

      More than ten premium ingredients work in harmony boost beards growth, make it softer, and relieve any itching or irritation from new hairs starting to grow.


          • Ingredients are 100% organic
          • Absorbs quickly and won't leave you feeling wet
          • The scent delicate


          • More costly than others


        1. V76 BY VAUGHN BEARD OIL

        For any vegans out there, this one is going to be right up your alley! V76 by Vaughn is 100% vegan.V76 by Vaughn beard oil

        Not only is it vegan-friendly but also harmful ingredients such as parabens sulfates petroleum and mineral oil are nowhere in sight, and it's completely gluten-free.

        The two main ingredients that make this oil so special are: saw palmetto and safflower oil. Each coming with its own unique benefit.

        Safflower oil is proven to heal dry, flaky skin and while conditioning hydrating the skin to make your facial hair as soft as possible.

        Saw palmetto also soothes the skin under your beard allowing new growth to come out easier.

        Something to consider when purchasing a beard oil is if the oil is comedogenic or not. What is comedogenic? It means it can clog your pores, and cause acne or blackheads, so when looking for any type of skin care make sure it’s non-comedogenic, so you won't have any issues. (This oil is!)


            • Vegan-friendly
            • Won’t plug your pores (non-comodogenic)
            • Lightweight
            • Ultra hydrating formula means it will last a long time on the skin


            • The smell is quite intense
            • If you overuse this one, your face will look oily



          Beardbrand has a few scents to chose from, but the clean, fresh smell of tea tree is a customer favorite. It has even been described as intoxicating!

           Beardbrand beard oil

          The formula is specially crafted to have a lightweight feel and uses a natural blend of oils, leaving you with nothing but a fluffy, amazing smelling beard.

          This oil is designed to never feel greasy, sticky, or heavy.

          One thing to remember is always to give the bottle a shake before use, then work 3 to 4 drops of the oil into your beard and skin.

          There is no dropper on this one, but not to worry, the small opening in the top makes getting the perfect amount of product every time possible.


              • Made with premium natural oils
              • Super lightweight


              • For the size, 1 oz, it’s expensive
              • The scent doesn’t last all day


            1. PRORASO BEARD OIL

            Proraso Beard Oil, which hails from beautiful Italy, is meant to be used to nourish long, dry, think, and unruly facial hair

             Proraso beard oil

            However, if your beard is easier to maintain, this can still work wonders on your short beard as well. In fact, you will experience the same softening and condition as you would if your hair was longer.

            Proraso oil is blended to revive dry facial hair, make it softer and more manageable, all without giving you that unwanted weighed down feeling on your facial hair. Customers have said it made their beard feel like silk!

            A delicate blend of spicy cumin, saffron, vanilla, and rock rose make up the fresh and woodsy scent that users know and love, plus a little drop of this oil goes a long way.

            This oil is entirely paraben free, contains no silicones, phthalates, mineral oils or SLS. So, you can use in full confidence knowing you are not putting any unnecessary chemicals or harsh ingredients on your skin.

            Not only is it safe for your skin, as a matter of fact, but it's also infused with menthol eucalyptus, avocado, and sunflower seed oil along with walnut and macadamia oils. This particularly crafted mix of ingredients offers top protection the hairs.


                • Dropper top - makes for easy application
                • Not too heavy and no sticky residue
                • Three scents to pick from


                • A little bottle, only 1 oz
                • The smell too intense for some



              Coming at you next on the list is the wisdom scent from Can You Handlebar. Just one of the seven scents available for purchase from the brand.

              The scent reminds users of fresh-cut lumber and lemon without being overwhelming, and always masculine.

               Can you handlebar beard oil

              This is another oil that has more than one use, it can also be used a leave-in conditioner to tame flyaways, and seal split ends.

              All ingredients are natural, nut-free, and top quality. The oil is intended to relieve any itchiness, dryness, or flakey skin. The dropper top makes this oil simple to use and comes in an amber glass bottle, with a no break storage tube around it. So, if you accidentally drop it, no worries!


                  • Extremely durable glass bottle with protective tube
                  • Dropper-top makes for easier use
                  • Oil and waterproof labels - The labels will never dull or rub off
                  • Comes in seven scents


                  • The smell is not long lasting
                  • The bottle is small, 1 oz
                  • Higher on the price range



                 Northern Fir’s Oil is one of the highest quality oils on the list due to the extensive list of nine plant-based oils, each with its own benefits for your beard.

                 Northern fir beard oil

                The handcrafted formula is made with 100% unrefined jojoba and argan oil, something that “cheaper” brands won't use; instead, they use refined oils because they are more cost effective.

                One of the standout ingredients in this oil is sandalwood; it not only gives the oil a lovely smell but also makes a difference in the performance of the oil. Along with cedar wood, black pepper, and juniper berry, this oil has a scent to die for! Don’t worry about it being overpowering though, after 15 minutes it subsides.

                This fast absorbing oil won’t leave you with a greasy film on your beard. One thing to note is that the bottle is quite small and may require you to re-purchase every one to two months.


                    • Made with rare ingredients
                    • Uses 100% unrefined plant-based oils
                    • Absorbs really quickly into your beard and skin


                    • The bottle is 1 oz
                    • It is expensive



                  Botanical Skin Works Oil is a rare breed in the sense that it comes in a 4 oz bottle, which is pretty unheard of.

                   Botanical beard oil man bay lime

                  You could say the formula is a triple threat because it cleans, softens, and moisturizes your beard all at the same time.

                  Plus this one comes with anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties to protect and strengthen your facial hair.

                  Jojoba, sesame, organic lime, West Indian Bay, and sandalwood work together to rejuvenate your skin and give you optimal results.

                  Sesame oil is used to stimulate facial hair growth while the west West Indian Bay the perfect treatment for beard itch and dandruff. The other ingredients help tame difficult stray hairs and keep your beard soft and well-groomed.

                  This one comes with a pump, one of the only beard oils we have seen to use this type of applicator, but it works excellent only to squirt out the amount you need. The last thing you want is to overdo it on any kind of beard oil.


                      • Best bang for your buck with the 4 oz bottle
                      • The pump which makes the application process easier
                      • Reasonably priced


                      • The scent fades fast


                    1. DATENIGHT SIMPLY GREAT OIL

                    Simply Great Oil not only made it on the list due to its beard enhancing ingredients, but this company truly cares about the environment. The beard oil comes in recyclable packaging something scarce to find in this niche. The bottle is made of recyclable amber glass, and the labels are made with non-toxic ink.

                     Datenite beard oil

                    There are also 19 scents available, which by far one of the most extensive ranges we have seen. So, rest assured knowing the perfect scent for you will be easy to find.

                    This environmentally friendly brand is also 100% vegan some of the oils on the list include olive, sweet almond, rosemary, hazelnut, and vitamin E. They work in harmony to soothe troubled skin and nourish your facial hair.

                    Rough, dry, and brittle beards don’t stand a chance against Simply Great!


                        • Ball rod cap makes it easy to take a little or a lot of product
                        • The bottle is big, 3 oz
                        • There are 19 available scents
                        • The packaging is recyclable


                        • The price is high
                        • The applicator is hard for some


                      1. BUSHKLAWZ URBAN PRINCE OIL

                      BushKlawz’s Oil stands out from the crowd with its super easy to use pump dispenser, as opposed to the more classic dropper.

                       Bushklawz urban prince beard oil

                      There is a small black cap over the pump that needs to be removed before using. When the cap is on, it's impossible to press the pump. So, if you are traveling don’t worry about spillage or wasting product.

                      Jojoba, argan, grapeseed, olive, and coconut oils are the carrier oils you’ll find in Bushklawz. They work to make your beard strong, full, healthy, soft, and flake free. All while giving you the look of a fuller beard.

                      This oil hydrates and moisturizes the skin underneath, while maintaining the skins natural balance of oils and moisture. That means you don’t have to worry about skin irritation or clogged pores.

                      Dry and brittle beards will benefit the most from this one, but all beards will notice an improvement after only using this oil a few times. The scent is a blend of cedar, grapefruit, spices, fir, and lavender.


                          • Made with all natural ingredients
                          • Cap protects the oil from spilling
                          • The pump dispenser is very user-friendly


                          • Some have reported the bottle leaking


                        1. GRAVE BEFORE SHAVE GENTLEMAN’S BLEND

                        While the name is as catchy as can be Grave Before Shave’s Oil also does wonders to your hair and skin. This one is one of the ‘manliest’ on the list due to its strong bourbon scent, which most men don’t seem to have a problem with.

                        Grave before shave beard oil

                        Not worry though, you won’t smell like you have just come home from the bar, the fragrance is light enough and mixed with sandalwood, a touch of vanilla, and musk. The scent resembles cologne.

                        Tea tree, apricot, jojoba, almond, aloe, vitamin E, and essential oils are what gives this oil the skin and beard saving benefits.

                        If you suffer from any itching, definitely give this one a try. It will hydrate your skin and significantly reduce any irritation causing you to itch.


                            • All natural ingredients
                            • Manly bourbon scent
                            • The classic dropper makes for easy use


                            • Small bottle
                            • The oil is thinner than others


                          1. CREMO REVITALIZING BEARD OIL

                          Cremo Revitalizing Beard Oil works its magic on dry facial hair by restoring the skins natural moisture, giving you the softest beard possible.

                           Cremo revitalzing beard oil

                          When growing out a beard the number one thing men say is most frustrating is the itch caused by new hair growth. Cremo understands how annoying this can be and has created a formula to end this dilemma so many men face.

                          The oil works to prevent ingrown hairs on shorter beards, hydrate dry skin and hair, help repair damaged strands, all while supporting the skin underneath.

                          Argan and jojoba oil, along with other essential oils make up the ideal recipe to tame your mane and leave you with a fresh and clean smell.  

                          On the topic of scents, there are three to chose from: forest blend, mint blend and unscented. The oil absorbs quickly and won't leave you with a greasy layer.


                              • Doesn’t feel heavy
                              • Comes unscented as well
                              • Very budget friendly


                              • The smell disappears
                              • Only 1 oz


                            1. THE GENTLEMAN'SBEARD PREMIUM

                            The Gentlemen’s Beard Oil not only works hard to keep your beard looking fabulous, but it also has skin-saving benefits. The oil will moisturize your face skin, meaning there will be no more beard itch, dryness, or flakes.

                             Gentleman's beard premium oil

                            Split ends will be mended and stray hairs will be at bay after only applying a few drops. The results are said to be instant, meaning you should feel a significant improvement in the softness of your beard immediately.

                            The product comes with a glass dropper, making it easy to apply. The oil is said to help grow your beard faster and make it appear thicker.

                            Finally, this one is 100% fragrance-free, so feel comfortable layering it with your favorite cologne.


                                • Absorbs quickly
                                • Entirely unscented
                                • Has a glass dropper
                                • Provides skin care benefits as well


                                • It is expensive
                                • The consistency is thin
                                • The bottle is small


                              1. SMOOTH VIKING

                              Smooth Viking has managed to create an oil that is lightweight, powerful, and quick absorbing. Sounds great right? One more thing, it’s all natural ingredients!

                               Smooth viking beard oil

                              When the facial hair is not cooperating, it usually means its too dry or brittle. That's where oil comes in, they are designed to condition and treat the skin beneath your beard to give you a softer mane.

                              Smooth Viking suggests combining the oil with a beard balm and conditioner for optimal results. You will be dandruff and itch-free if you follow the easy beard maintenance guidelines.

                              The oil is fast absorbing and ingredients like vitamin E, avocado, argan, sweet almond, olive, castor and pumpkin seed oils help keep your beard and skin super smooth.


                                  • 100% natural ingredients
                                  • It doesn’t leave the greasy feeling
                                  • Large bottle, 2 oz
                                  • Inexpensive


                                  • The consistency is thin
                                  • Harsh for men with sensitive skin


                                1. VIKING REVOLUTION BEARD OIL

                                Viking Revolution is made with 100% organic argan and jojoba oils. The oil is super effective when it comes to dealing with beard itch and dry skin.

                                 Vking revolution beard oil

                                This unscented oil is suitable for all beard types and its fragrance-free. Experience a tame and frizz-free beard with Viking Revolution.

                                Be sure to only apply a few drops, if not you may feel an oily residue throughout the day. This oil super lightweight, in fact, one of the lightest oils we have on the list.

                                The dropper allows for easy application and you are able to fully control the amount of product you wish to use.


                                    • All natural argan and jojoba oil
                                    • Unscented - easy to combine it with your cologne
                                    • The dropper cap makes for easy use
                                    • One of the cheaper options on the list


                                    • It is a bit watery


                                  1. MOUNTAINEER BRAND BEARD OIL

                                  Beard Oil by Mountaineer Brand works hard to help eliminate itch and flaking skin. With a mix of premium quality oils such as grapeseed, almond, castor, fir needle, cedarwood, and eucalyptus oils any beard dandruff won't stand a chance!

                                   Mountaineer Beard Oil

                                  The scent of this one is quite unique, it's woodsy but never overpowering. The cedarwood and fir needle are the dominant scents of this one. Plus, the fragrance will subside during the day.

                                  The oil promises to keep your skin under your beard hydrated, soft, and supple, which in turn gives you the perfect frizz and flake free facial mane.

                                  This one works best when applied to a damp beard, and the application is simple, simply pour a few drops into your hand and work it through your beard.


                                      • Premium ingredients
                                      • Smells great
                                      • The bottle is large, 2 oz
                                      • The price is right


                                      • May feel slightly greasy
                                      • The scent is not long lasting


                                    1. RANGER GROOMING CO. FRAGRANCE-FREE OIL

                                    The folks at Ranger Grooming Co. Beard Oil understand what it takes to create a high-quality effective beard oil. Men with hard to manage beards will fall in love with this one. It’s made to speed up hair growth and eliminate the itch.

                                     Ranger Beard Oil

                                    One of the coolest things about this oil is that it’s made from only two ingredients - jojoba and argan oil. That means no fillers, parabens, GMOs, or additives. Plus, it’s completely fragrance-free. They only use two oils because it soaks into the skin faster.

                                    They say to apply this oil only after you have finished styling, if not it may make you feel greasy.  Also, a little goes a long way.

                                    The dark amber glass bottle saves the oil from harmful UV rays, giving it a longer shelf life. Also, it has an easy to use dropper.


                                        • Only has two ingredients
                                        • Dark amber glass bottle extends shelf life
                                        • Fragrance-free
                                        • Vegan-friendly and 100% organic


                                        • Only get 1 oz of product
                                        • It is pricey


                                    THE TAKEAWAY

                                    While finding the right oil can be an annoying task, it is so worth it in the end. Your beard is an accessory you can never take off, so treat it well. No need to have itchy, flaking, or dry skin when there are so many different beard oils to choose from! So, keep your facial fuzz happy and start shopping.


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