is based on good skin care - using ingredients that are good for your skin and for the environment. Effective formulas made from natural ingredients that will deliver results while protecting your skin and hair.



The beard is trending again and is considered the manliest indicator of manliness. Sporting a well-groomed beard stands out, drawing attention, refusing to be lost in the crowd. Whatever you're into, whatever kind of man you aspire to be, there's a Castlebeard product waiting to launch you towards greatness. Make your Mark.

Our mission

We are committed to helping you scale the heights with confident style. Our customers are bearded men of all styles. Get the best beard grooming and style products no matter your path.

Many clean-shaven chaps might think growing a beard is easy. Put down the razor and start growing, right?
Of course, beard buffs know the truth. While bearded men avoid the fuss of daily shaving, their beards require daily maintenance.

Men’s beards need products to stay clean, neat, and healthy, but not all products are created equal.

My husband had always wanted a beard but wasn't sure he could pull it off. While researching the marketplace, we began testing beard butters, balms and oils, grooming kits, various beard washes, conditioners, and fragrances but we weren't satisfied. - Nick, Founder.

Castle Beard launched with a commitment to natural formulas that condition beard hair, soothe and nourish underlying skin. Clean beard products that reduce itching, promote growth and won't clog pores, cause blackheads or acne. Sustainable, high-quality vegan products made from 100% natural ingredients. We don't test on animals, and our packaging is recyclable.

Our customers appreciate that.

Whether you're just starting out or you're a seasoned beardy, we're here for you. From urban gent to outdoor beardsman, we have the products to suit every lifestyle and growth flair from mustache to partial beards, short and neat, to 3" plus.

We believe that every man can look groomed with a beard.

- Nick & Amy Egboh.