Beard Grooming for Beginners

Beard grooming is fun, but it requires some effort. In order to keep your beard in a good shape and the skin underneath clean and nourished, you have to know at least the basics of beard care and maintenance. This post centers on beard grooming for beginners.

Steps on Beard Grooming for Beginners

Below is a step-by-step guide for guys who are growing a beard or thinking about doing so. Just follow these steps and the results will be satisfactory.  

#1   Grow the beard

It may sound like a stupid tip, but we encourage you to think about it. Growing a beard is not easy for everyone. Many teens and people in their early twenties find it hard to grow a beard. If you are not blessed with having good hair growth, you know what I mean.

In the first phase, do not interfere. Just let it grow. Do not worry if it looks messy or sparse. Let it grow for a few weeks. Depending on the health and growth rate, some guys have to wait for up to 10 weeks.

#2   Assess the intermediate phase

After four or five weeks, look for some signs to know whether your beard has reached its intermediate phase.

First, examine the overall thickness. It does not have to be really thick. If your facial hair looks thick and stiff, you are lucky. You can grow your beard in any way you want. There are lots of options. And if it grows very slowly and looks sparse, you have fewer options. However, you can still grow a beard.

If you notice hairs that haven’t sprouted, you may try a supplement to promote beard growth. And if you notice bald spots, examine the size of the spots. Will they limit the style of your beard? If the bald spots are tiny, you can probably cover them by further beard growth.

#3   Appraisal

An appraisal is an important part of beard grooming for beginners. You have to choose a beard style and determine whether it fits in with your vibe and style. Whether you have a long or short beard, you have to make sure that it matches your style. Choose a style carefully, because it has to go with your personality.

When determining a beard style, what you wear is an important factor to consider. The same style of beard may look different with different clothing. So, your beard style should be in conformity with the dress you wear.

#4   Talk to someone

If this is the first time you are growing a beard, talk to someone who can provide some advice on beard grooming for beginners. There are plenty of resources.

Find an experienced barber. You are lucky if you find a knowledgeable one easily. A barber can give you some valuable advice.

The internet is another great resource. Beard enthusiasts have created some great subreddits. /Beards, /Wet_Shavers, and /BeardPorn are some examples. Guys discuss ways to groom beards, and you can find valuable information there.

#5   Get the gear

Yes, you are going to need some tools for beard maintenance. Advice-seeking and reading are meaningless without the right gear. The right tools will make your efforts rewarding.

Your beard type determines what tools you need. A beard trimmer is an essential tool, but there are some other very useful tools. These tools include beard balm, beard oil, and a set of trimming scissors. For more convenience, get a travel mirror and a mustache wax, and a small bag to carry all these things.

Finding a good brand of beard wax or beard oil can also be a bit challenging because there are plenty of brands out there. Beard oil comes with argan oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil, and almond oil. You will have to do some experiments to figure out what oil is a good fit for your beard.

Additional Tips on Beard Grooming for Beginners

Growing your beard is the easy part of the process. To keep your manes in a good shape, you will have to take the maintenance part seriously. Below are some handy tips for beard maintenance. 

Brush and Comb Your Beard Regularly

If you need just one piece of advice on beard grooming for beginners, here it is: brush and comb your beard every day. Buy a wide-tooth comb and a boar bristle beard brush.

You can use a beard comb to straighten curly beards and untangle knots. Many hair specialists recommend wooden combs because these combs can spread the natural oils of your body across the beards.

Employ short strokes when brushing your beard. Straighten the beards out so that they grow in a particular direction. This technique is also referred to as training the beard. If you train your beard for a few months, it will grow in the direction you want.

Fade the Neckline

A faded and trimmed neckline looks damn good. However, in the beginning, you may find it hard to decide where to trim the neckbeard. Do not leave the neckline messy. Rather, trim off the excess hair.

A high-quality beard trimmer will make the job a lot easier. But where should the line be? As a rule of thumb, the point should be about 1.5 inches above your Adam's apple.

Experiment with Different Styles

As we have already stated, choosing a beard style may not be easy. You may end up choosing a particular style after experimenting with different shapes, lengths and designs. The thickness of your beard, your jawline, and your head shape should be taken into consideration.

For every guy, there are many styling options.  So, depending on your personal taste and some other factors, you may want a goatee, patchy or short thick beard.

Final Thoughts: Beard Grooming for Beginners

Although beginners may find it a bit overwhelming, beard grooming is not rocket science. And the most important thing about beard grooming is that it must not be taken as a chore. If you are a beard enthusiast, you will enjoy beard maintenance and make it a seamless part of your day-to-day life.