Smooth and Silky Skin for Men

Smooth and Silky Skin for Men

Most men are accustomed to some deep-seated skin care norms to an extent that they would never imagine themselves in any situation where they'd getting a face scrub, exfoliation, or general face care. Some men have never subscribed to the so-called feminine habits of using anti-aging serums, whitening products, or any other beauty product associated with women. The truth is, we are past the era when men who use skin care products were regarded as females camouflaged as men. Today, men are using virtually the same beauty products as women. Due to the modern career landscape, traditional rules no more apply. Men are no more stuck in roles where beauty does not come into play. Men now make money and have jobs from looking good as actors, musicians, social media influencers, TV personalities and other on-screen jobs which require a presentable face and contributes to the brand of appeal. Our post today will address the beauty tips for men's faces that works for men of all skin colors.

Smooth and silky skin for men

Facial Tips for Men: Techniques You Can Use to Achieve Smooth and Soft Skin

Whether you’re dealing with wrinkles, acne, redness, or dry skin, the right approach to skin care can help you achieve great skin in weeks. You can choose to apply various parts of skin care routine - exfoliation, moisturizing, scrubbing or just cleansing your face. Using these face care techniques will help get you looking younger, healthier, and more handsome.


Exfoliating renews the skin, giving it a fresh look, and makes your skin look more attractive. Exfoliation exposes a layer of skin by removing dead skin cells from the surface of your skin and replaces them with new skin cells. It contains little particles which have a sandpapering effect, removing the outer skin layer to leave bare the inner soft and smooth layer. Our skin has a built-in exfoliation mechanism, but as we age, the efficiency of the skin at replacing cells with new growth is greatly reduced.

By exfoliating your face, you remove waxy, oily dirt clogging your pores, which helps clean out the gunk and shrink the size of your pores. Exfoliators also soften the hair follicles, which reduce the pain and stress associated with shaving.

Moisturize your face often

Men need moisturizers more often than they think.  Shaving, a habit men can’t live without, is known to deprive the skin of essential oils. Not many men bother to moisturize their skins after a shave. That’s because they’re accustomed to using alcohol-based aftershave lotions that not only irritate but also dehydrates the skin. Men who moisturize often have softer and smoother faces, which are naturally nice-looking. Use moisturizers often, even when you’re not shaving, and watch your skin glow and look younger.

Cleanse your face regularly

Using specially designed facial cleansers may sound weird to some men, but it’s worth the time and money. With a good-quality natural face cleanser, you can cut through  hidden grime and dirt. Your face is full of invisible dirt particles resulting from exposure to cigarette smoke, pollution, deodorizers, car exhausts, and more. When not cleaned, these elements have a negative effect on your skin. When cleansing your skin, use premium products with no alcohol. With the right facial cleanser, you can unblock the dirt causing skin breakouts and flare ups.

Apply sunscreen daily

Some men rarely wear sunscreen to shield their skin from sun rays. Direct UV rays damage the texture and color of the skin. Men can avoid the effect of tanning triggered by sun rays by wearing sunscreen before they go out. You’re advised to apply the sunscreen at least 15 minutes before going out. Leaving the sunscreen to sit on your face for ten to fifteen minutes give room for proper absorption.

Charcoal Face Cleanser

Other Tips and Tricks

Supplement the above methods with these tips to make your face care routine a success. The tips addressed here are simple natural efforts that require no change of lifestyle or everyday goals.

Get your beauty sleep

The first hack to a beautiful face is to get a good night's rest. One mistake a large number of the world’s population is making is to neglect sleep. We have all know the importance of quality sleep. The problem is, we believe that working hard without sleep is valuable but there are long-term effects of not getting enough sleep.

When we sleep, our bodies go into repair mode, blood flow is increased, and new skin cells are produced. Sleeping early and waking up late can make your skin glow and your face look younger. Even if you’re too busy to enjoy 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep, get at least 6 hours of undisturbed sleep. That way, you’ll give your body and skin enough time to heal every night.

Drink enough water

The value of drinking enough water every day cannot be emphasized enough. The sad reality is, only a fraction of the world population meets the recommended daily quota. 

Enough water in your systems boosts your health, reduces bloating and improves the texture of facial skin. Water flushes out the toxins in our system, and especially those in the skin. It improves blood flow and the transmission of nutrients to the skin. All these help men’s facial skin to grow healthy and glow.

Emancipate yourself from stress

Stress doesn’t only harm your emotions and social life but also affects your overall health. When stressed, your body releases cortisol, a hormone that puts you in fight or flight mode, that retains water in your system, retains fat and keeps your nervous system tense. You neglect a lot of important stuff that could help keep you healthy, for instance, you rarely get time to eat healthy and drink enough water. You also don’t get enough sleep. All these results in sunken and unhealthy skin that could take months to revive. Watch your lifestyle and cut off anything that makes you stressed and unhappy.


Men are naturally masculine beings who rarely want to subscribe to habits associated with women. However, it comes a time when your health and overall appearance are important than your ego and masculine beliefs. If you are looking for beauty tips to keep your face looking younger and smooth, the above-mentioned tips will be a great start point. Give each of these tips a trial, and you’ll be amazed at how soft, beautiful, and smooth your face will be after some time.