Benefits of charcoal face wash for men: A guide.

Benefits of charcoal face wash for men: A guide.

Adding Activated Charcoal to face cleansers is a relatively new thing taking off in the beauty and skin care industry. But it’s trending due to all right reasons. The unique benefits of this beauty ingredient makes it famous. This is a surprisingly good product if you want to take good care of your skin. Many skin care experts extol the benefits of activated charcoal. 

What is activated charcoal?

In simple words, activated charcoal is heated charcoal, treated in such a way as to open pores in its structure, causing it to be more effective at binding to and keeping chemicals and oils away from the skin. Activated charcoal is filled with unique properties, and that makes it an ideal product for the skin. In other terms, we may call it activated carbon, and people are using it as the main skincare ingredient. If we go deep, then we will find different charcoal facewash for men.

Main properties of charcoal face wash for men:

It is perfect for the skin and has a vital position in skincare and beauty products. Thus, if you have dull and tired skin, then a charcoal face wash for men is your go-to option. There are the following qualities of activated charcoal that we shouldn't overlook.

  • The charcoal is filled with oxygen that makes it highly absorbent. Due to this property, you can easily use it for skincare daily.
  • According to famed dermatologist Whitney Bow, activated charcoal has fewer holes. When you use it on your skin, it feels like a soft sponge.
  • When used with face wash for men, the activated charcoal absorbs dirt and impurities.
  • The charcoal can attract and remove dirt more than 100 times its weight. Due to this quality, it performs amazingly well in cleansing.
  • Men have thicker and oilier skin than women. But ingredients like charcoal unclogs the pores.

Without any doubt, charcoal is an effective way to treat rough and dying skin. There are plenty of benefits we will discuss in this article.

What are the benefits of charcoal face wash for men?

Charcoal is used in many beauty products. But here, we are going to emphasize face washes because it's a relatively new skin care product that's gaining popularity. 

Skin type


Dry skin

It helps to get clean, clear skin without drying out the skin

Sensitive skin

Treat skin issues and doesn't have adverse reactions

Acne-prone skin

Charcoal face wash pulls sebum and debris out of the pores

Open pores

Clean, unclogged pores makes pores smaller and reduces pimples, zits, etc.


Note: If you use charcoal face wash, you can combine it with hydrating oils. For instance, olive oil works best and helps to refresh and hydrate the skin.

Best for detoxifying:

If you want to make your life effortless by doing less, then charcoal face wash for men is here to help. The charcoal absorbs excessive oil from the skin and blocks the pores. As a result, unnecessary dirt doesn't lock in your skin. Thus, it's an excellent option for men who have oily, combination, or acne-prone skin. In a word, charcoal is one ingredient that is heavier than all others in terms of benefits.

Helps to heal & prevent acne:

We can call the charcoal face wash for men a magical ingredient. Generally, bacteria and sebum block the skin pores and cause acne. But it performs extraordinary and doesn't let bacteria enter pores. So, if you face acne-related problems, then charcoal face wash for men is the best option.

Best for tighter pores:

Pollution is a vast and problematic thing on this planet. However, when the dirt enters our skin, then it causes other skin related problems. Thus, gradually the pores start to expand and bring more skin-related issues. But by using charcoal face wash, you can get rid of the big pores problem. Face wash cleans the pores quickly and starts minimizing them. If you don't treat your blackheads and sebum for a more extended period, you will have to problem with big pores. So, the charcoal face wash for men benefits the skin by treating blackheads daily.

Helps to get rid of dead cells:

Above all, the charcoal face wash performs extraordinary when removing dead cells of the skin. Due to regular use, it can clean the skin to the core and help to cover the impurities and dead skin cells.

Apart from the above benefits, other positive sides are better to know. So, here are few other points that will help you to make a proper skincare-related decision.

It performs best to sweep away excess oil from the skin.

  • Best for the acne-prone skin and acne treatment
  • Perfect for cleaning and removing blackheads
  • Most of the charcoal face wash also comes with a brightening complexion ability. It specifically performs extraordinary during winter months when the skin remains dull and dry.
  • Apart from this, the face wash has impressive results to reduce wrinkles, fine lines and best to use as anti-aging.
  • More importantly, the charcoal face wash gives you flawless, tighter, and firm skin.

In short, charcoal face wash for men is specially formulated to feel clean, refreshed, and healthy. So, don't you want to feel the same? Thus, it is the best thing to re-claim the glow.

What is the best way to use charcoal face wash?

Now you know everything about the charcoal face mask, but you can't get benefits without knowing how it works. Thus, there are specific steps that will help to add charcoal face wash to your routine.

Here are specific steps and other beauty products that you can apply with charcoal face wash. It is the best way to multiply the results. So, let's start explaining these points.

Moisten your skin:

In the first step, damp your skin with lukewarm water. If you want to see more positive results, then moist your skin before applying face wash. The charcoal face wash for men needs slightly damp skin to work on.

Apply the cleanser:

Now we move towards the second step. Grab few drops of the charcoal face wash on your fingers and apply to the skin. It is preferred and suitable if you can use the cleanser because it prepares the skin and brings the best results.

Clean your skin:

At this step, apply the charcoal face wash and do the massage for some time to see the best results. It's always better if you can do the massage in circular and position. Moreover, do the massage around the eyes and cheeks for excellent results. As a result, your skin will be thoroughly clean and clear.

Apply face serum:

After applying face wash, the next step is to rinse and dry the skin gently. However, for this, it is preferred to wash the face with lukewarm water. Moreover, brightness is one of the charcoal face wash, serum, or mask abilities. But if you want to take the game on another level, try applying vitamin C serum for best results. It helps to give a glow to the skin and boost the shine and bring freshness. There are many top result serums available in the market. The best quality vitamin C serums improve the radiance and reduce wrinkles work as an anti-aging agent.

Apply moisturizer:

Now the final step is to apply the moisturizer. I hope you already know the importance of moisturizer. Every skincare routine ends on the moisturizer. So, after doing everything, now use a good quality moisturizer to revive the skin's natural tone.

List of some best charcoal face wash for men: best quality products:

Charcoal face wash for men gives you the freedom to have dirt-free skin. Moreover, it performs best to heal the clogged pores. We can see that the benefits of the charcoal face wash are vast, and it perfectly works on all skin types. In short, we can say charcoal face wash for men acts as a vacuum that ensures to clean all impurities. As a result, your face feels fresh and healthy. But there are many brands of charcoal face wash that are available in the market. Thus, before investing your hard-earned money, it is vital to know the properties of the product. So, here is the list of some good quality charcoal facewash for men.

L'Oréal men expert white active oil-control charcoal face wash:

We have already discussed that charcoal face wash performs best for oily skin. So, Loreal is at the top in this category. The charcoal face wash for men contains a magnetic effect that can absorb dirt and oil from the skin. However, it won't be wrong to say it is one of the best performing charcoal facewash. It helps to make the skin clear, healthy, shiny, and dirt-free. Moreover, the white expert formula works best for skin brightening. The product is a blessing in disguise for people who have oily skin and are dealing with acne problems.


  • It helps to have dirt-free skin
  • Deal with skin impurities
  • Cleanse the skin thoroughly
  • After usage, you will see a clear difference as it makes skin soft and refreshing.
  • Performs best if you want to lighten dark spots
  • Works for all types of skins.

Note: The product is suitable for combination and oily skin. Moreover, the whitening formulas perform best for dark spots.


  • It doesn't suit dehydrated skin
  • Sometimes soaping could be tough

Ponds pure white anti-pollution charcoal face wash:

Ponds charcoal face wash is grabbing a prominent position in our list. The product contains activated charcoal that performs best to pull out impurities and dead skin cells. Apart from this, the pond's pure white anti-pollution formula deals with blackheads. The activated charcoal goes deep down in the skin to remove the clogged cells, dirt, and filth. However, it is made with charcoal, glycerin, lauric acid, and water. Due to this perfect combination, it performs best.


  • Cleanse the skin by removing dust, clogged cells, and blackheads
  • The pure white formula makes the skin brighter
  • It has pleasant deodorant
  • It can remove impurities in the affordable price range


  • Glow isn't long-lasting
  • It works on all skin types but sometimes leaves the skin extremely dry

Men company charcoal face wash:

It is one of the ideal products that perform best to start the day free from impurities. Thus, the formula is enriched with minerals and other elements. However, it is best if you want to clear clogged pores, clean the dirt and blackheads. Above all, it also deals with the early signs of acne and pimples.


  • Suitable for acne-prone skin as it avoids blackheads and acne
  • Make the skin healthy and clean that is free from impurities
  • It has argan oil for skin conditioning
  • Above all, the anti-bacterial formula keeps the germs out of the skin
  • Deals with skin infections
  • It makes the skin soft and smooth
  • The unique smell is a plus point of this formula


  • It can dry skin as it’s best for combination and oily skin

Castlebeard charcoal face wash for men:

The final product on the recommendation list is the Castlebeard charcoal face wash for men. It contains activated charcoal that is best to clarify the skin. Moreover, the rich formula can reduce blackheads, pigmentation and cleans the pollution. Above all, skin brightening formula is an extra thing that performs best to lighten the dark spots. So, it's the best thing that adds glow and softness without irritating the skin.


  • It restores moisture in the skin due to which you feel refreshed
  • The skin brightening formula adds extra glow
  • Castlebeard charcoal face wash removes the dirt and reduces the pore size
  • Reduces pigmentation, and blackheads
  • You can remove the impurities in an affordable price range
  • Lathering is easy as it’s not greasy

Writer’s recommendation:

Now we know that charcoal face wash for men removes germs, chemicals, and dirt in the best possible way. But if you want to get all of these qualities in one product, then it's "the Castlebeard" charcoal face wash. The chemical-free formula absorbs the toxins and nourishes the skin. Moreover, the anti-inflammatory properties exfoliate the skin that is troubled with hyperpigmentation, dark spots, and acne. So, invest your money in suitable products to reduce the effects of pollution on your skin.