Best Time to Put On Beard Oil

Best Time to Put On Beard Oil

You've likely seen beard oil in store aisles next to other male grooming items, like shaving cream and aftershave. But if you have never used it before, you might not be sure what it's for or how to use it. It acts as a moisturizer to keep your beard soft and the skin underneath it hydrated. Many individuals find that beard oil makes it easier to manage their beard, especially as it gets longer.

The best time frame to apply beard oil is to wash your face properly or take a shower when your hair and face are the cleanest and softest. Before applying oil, dry your beard with a towel so that it’s damp but not wet will most easily absorb the oils.

The other good time frame to apply beard oil is early morning, but you can also apply it more than once as you see fit.

Very practical and result-oriented natural products will take time to work on your beard. Apply beard oil at night before going to bed and wash in the morning at bath time. You can use it as a nighttime treatment to heal and repair oxidative damage. Never apply oil on hairs or beard in the morning if after application you have to go outside from home as oil will attract and stick more dust and pollutants to hair, and it will give harmful effects on hair or beard growth.

Essentially, the main aim is to clean the beard properly and then apply oil before you sleep at night. When you are super active during the day, you are bound to sweat, affecting your beard. Therefore, you must shower before bedtime to clean your beard then apply the oil.

  • Beard oil mainly helps keep the skin under the beard moisturized.
  • Commercial beard oils contain essential oils which contribute to a good smell.
  • If you live in a flaky arid climate or have a longer beard, you may need to apply more often.
  • When stepping out of home in the hot summer, beard oils can provide a sunscreen-like coverage to conceal your skin and hair from harmful UV rays. Use Argan oil-based beard oils, which act as a natural sunscreen.

Pro Tip: Take a nice, hot, warm, and steamy shower before bed and apply oil to your face and beard than you usually would in the morning. Let the beard oil settle and work its magic overnight. Woah,  you'll wake up to a softer beard and glowing skin in the morning.

In fact, you can apply it any time you want. But, it is necessary to understand why one applies beard oil. However, for optimum care and nourishment, I recommend using beard oil daily. You can just see what works best for you, so do not hesitate to experiment.