Black Men Beard Problems and Ultimate Care Tips

Black men’s hair doesn’t rhyme well with long unkempt beards. Black men are blessed with dark curly manes, which speak an indomitable fashion statement. However, maintaining long curly beards has proven problematic to most black men. A range of black man beard problems makes it impossible to grow healthy and long beards. They include ingrown hair, extra-dense curls, patchiness, and more.

Today’s post will mine deep into black man beard problems and unravel the care tips distinguished black male celebrities use to make their beards charming.

Black Men Beard Problems

Black Men Beard Problems: The Five Troubles Black Men Face With Nurturing Beards

Men of color face a distinctive set of problems that impact how well their beards grow and how attractive they look. Black men’s beards grow slowly with a curly and coarse texture, features that make the beards difficult to manage. Additionally, men of color have oily, sensitive, or dry skin, which contributes significantly to the hardship faced in growing long and attractive beards. Listed here are problems most black men encounter when they decide to grow beards.

Ingrown Hair

The curly nature of black men’s beard strands tends to crouch, blocking the hair follicle openings. As hair growth is blocked, the skin around the affected area develops itchy acne-like bumps. The trapped hair also causes patchiness and horrible skin irritation. Men of color experience hyperpigmentation quite often, which adds salt to the already painful situation. Trying to pick or tweeze the beard can make the situation unbearable. The solution to ingrown hairs is to comb or tweeze the hair frequently. If you already have an ingrown hair, washing the affected areas with a warm washcloth can help soften the skin, easing the lifting of the ingrown hair.

Thick Hair Curls

Black men’s beard strands have a tendency of developing into pure, zig-zag, or fuzzball coils. Pure coils are rare but quite a nightmare to manage. They are extra-curly with tight and sticky spiral coils. As they grow longer and thicker, curly black men’s pure curls form spring-like locks, which sway as you walk, distracting your concentration.


Patchy beards are common with men from all races, but men of color tend to be the primary victims. Beard patchiness is primarily due to improper shaving and poor hair growth, and statistics have shown black men with thicker hairs to be regular sufferers. Hair patches in black men are not evenly distributed as you’ll find thicker ones on some sections and thinner ones on other areas.

Itching Beards

Itchy beards can spell doom to your beard growing journey. Itchy beards are impossible to manage. Considering they are a common problem among black males, rearing long, attractive beards has become a challenge for men of color. Beard itchiness is triggered mainly by medical conditions, dry skins, ingrown hairs, and eczema. The solution to itchy beards in black men is maintaining good hygiene, brushing the beard regularly, using quality beard oil, and combing the beard well.

Breaking of Hair

Black men’s hair isn’t naturally prone to breaking. However, the bearded men’s natural habits mean touch, and pulling hair strands from the beard trigger the breaking problem. While breaking could be triggered by lots more, including itchiness and patchiness, the problem typically occurs when you don’t give your beard the care and attention it deserves. Without washing and moisturizing your beard often, you’ll expose your beard to the harsh reality of breaking when touched.

Black Men Beard

Practical Care Tips

Black men with nicely contoured and long-grown beards are naturally a beautiful scene in the making. However, the challenges nature throws a black man’s way when they decide to grow beards can be overwhelming. But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to grow beards that stand out. Since celebrated black guys such as Idris Elba, Drake, and James Harden have done it, why not you? Here are tricks black guys can use to grow well-contoured, nicely laced, and long beards.

Keep the Skin Giving Your Beard Life Nourished

The skin your beard sits on needs to be clean, moisturized, and nourished. Our facial hair absorbs lots of water from the skin, and if it’s not nourished, it’ll dry out. A beard sitting on dry skin is prone to itchiness and dandruff. The best solution to this beard problem is to nourish the skin underneath the beard. There are many care tips and solutions to dry skin, but washing the facial skin and applying beard oils or balms will do an excellent job.

Wash the Beard Regularly

Leaving your beard unwashed for days creates a loophole for bacteria and germs to find their way in. The invasion by these foreign organisms and materials could trigger lots more problems. Wash your beard not less than once a week with high-quality beard shampoo or beard soap, and watch as your beard grows in length and exquisiteness.

Use the Right Care Problems

Black men’s beards can’t stand hard care products. Most beards grown by black men fail because they use any beard care product thrown their way. Hard beard care products with harsh chemicals tend to damage hair quality, irritate the skin beneath, and even drive dry out the beard’s natural oils. Research your preferred beard product and read consumer testimonials to ensure it’s of good quality and safe before you pay for it.

The Right Diet and Hydrating Works Miracles

Food and hair growth have a direct link. Yes, the quality and length of your facial hair are directly proportional to the food you eat. Black men growing beards are advised to eat foods rich in tomatoes, vitamin A and C, citrus food, and broccoli. These foods are known to boost the health and look of the skin the beard sits on. It also helps your beard to grow fuller, thicker, and healthier. Besides food, drink enough water. When well hydrated, the circulation of blood in our bodies flows amicably, which leads to fast and quality beard growth.


Beards indicate masculinity, power, and dedication. They tell the world that you’re solely committed to keeping your appearance magnificent. While committing to growing a beard may be fun and simple to men of other races, black men face it rough growing a beard that can attract attention.

With the problems we just mentioned, only a man who sets aside enough time and resources to cater for their beards can grow full, healthy, and attractive beards. Watch out for the best beard care tips and use the right products.