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Beard Grooming: Steps to maintain an awesome looking beard

For anyone who takes his beard seriously, you must have heard some of the hype around beard oil, beard wax, and beard balm. What’s the difference between them and do you need all three?

Grooming your facial hair is just as important as anything else in your daily routine, like brushing your teeth or washing your face, so don’t skip on beard maintenance. After all, you did wait to grow it out; now it’s time to take care of it.

Remember, your beard is essentially no different than your scalp, imagine not taking care of the skin and hair on your heard, what a mess that would be. The hair on your face is most likely more coarse than on your head, so that means giving more love and attention to your beard and the sensitive skin underneath.

So, what’s the best way to keep your beard clean, maintained, and what products are best? While the industry is overloaded with products claiming to give you the perfect beard, the trick is to follow a few steps to maintain, groom, and polish your beard to provide you with optimal results.

Check out the ultimate guide below on how to maintain an awesome looking beard!

Steps to keep your beard looking fresh

Keep it clean:

Give your beard a good wash about 2-3x per week to keep it fresh, smelling good, and to remove any excess buildup like sweat or oil. To clean your beard try a shampoo for men that uses natural ingredients and is sulfate free, or go for a special soap made just for facial hair, whatever you choose, always make sure it’s free from any harsh ingredients that could irritate the skin.


beard oil vs balm vs butter

Get a trim:

How often do you need to trim your beard? Every few weeks grab a mirror and snip away any stray hairs you see, uneven patches or split ends. While trimming be sure to follow the natural contours of your face. To avoid the unsightly neckbeard, most men need to cut the hairs on their neck bi-weekly, this can be done quickly with a razor or electric trimmer.

Beard oil: 

Why do you need beard oil? Well, remember as we said before taking care of the hair on your face, and the skin underneath is just as important as the proper scalp and hair care on your head. That’s where beard oil comes in, the oil not only hydrates and conditions your facial hair, but also the delicate skin on your face. The best beard oils contain essential oils and have a base of either jojoba, grapeseed, vitamin E, almond or castor oil. Get great beard oils here.

How to use beard oil:

A little bit of beard oil goes a long way, apply a few drops of oil into the palms of your hands and rub together, then massage into your beard and skin. Remember the ends of your hair are always the driest so always apply to the tips as well and don’t rinse off after, let the oil do its hydrating magic.

Tip: Use a bristle brush to ensure you are getting the product evenly distributed and use after you shower or wash your face with warm water to help your pores open up and allow the oil to sink in.


Beard Balm:

Think of beard balm as oil and wax combined; it has the hydrating power of an oil and the staying power of a wax. A balm is best for those with slightly shorter bears, as it does not have the same staying power as a wax. However, it will give you more volume and make your beard more manageable and easier to style. Beard balms are filled with essential nutrients to help your facial and the skin beneath healthier. Get great beard balms here.

How to use beard balm:

Take a thumbnail size of product from the tin and rub between your fingers to melt it down. Starting from the roots gradually work the product throughout your beard up to the tips. If you are using an all natural balm, feel free to leave it in all day until you wash it, and even re-apply before bed for additional moisture.

Tip: Use beard balm on slightly damp facial hair.

Can you use oil and balm together?

Yes, sir! Beard balm is meant for just the surface of your beard, and you still want to be sure you are reaping all the skincare benefits from the oil. So, first, apply the oil and let it soak into the skin before using the balm on top for extra conditioning and styling.

 Beard Balm

Beard wax: More commonly known as Mustache Wax

Beard wax is thicker than beard oil and balm, making it the perfect styling assistant. To keep any stray facial hairs at bay, and keep your style on lockdown a wax is your best bet. Think of it like hairspray, but for your face, and not harmful to the environment or filled with unnecessary and damaging chemicals.

Many beard waxes use beeswax as a dominant ingredient, because it provides the optimal hold to your flyaway hairs, allowing your style to last for hours.

Wax isn’t just for men with long beards either, while many think it’s only used to style lengthy beards, it can do so much more, it’s beard wax is filled with moisturizing agents to help condition your facial hair. So, men with short beards this is for you too, the wax will help make your beard more manageable from the get-go and help with growing to your desired length.

How to use beard wax:

Scrape about a dime size of product from the tin and rub it between your hands to help melt it down. Apply on your beard by massaging it onto your face starting at the roots of the hair and working your way up to the tips. Next style, as usual, using your favorite brush or comb and feel confident knowing the wax will hold the hair in place for the entire day.

Your beard is not just facial hair; it becomes a part of who you are! We hope this helps guide you in the right direction on your journey to the perfect beard. While it may take some time, following these easy steps will ensure the best outcome. Patience is a virtue and always remember to properly wash and care for your beard.


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