Can beard oil be used on scalp?

Without going into too much detail, it's essential to comprehend that beard oils are different. The best way of understanding this is to ask yourself why you had head hair as a child but didn't have a beard.

As you hit puberty, your androgen levels boost, which converts this virgin hair into terminal hair. Terminal hair is thicker, coarser. Beard oil is much thicker in consistency than hair oil, and beard hair is thicker and coarser than scalp hair.

So, Can beard oil be used on scalp?

Ask yourself, can you resort to the beard oil that has helped you groom your beard? Can you trust beard oil to produce the same results for your hair without suffering any side effects or allergies?

Beards Oil contains different natural oils that eliminate any itching and irritation by moisturizing the skin underneath and also helps to keep the skin healthy, which eventually helps beard growth.

Yes! You can use beard oil on regular scalp hair. But beard oil is different from hair oil, and to believe that the results would be the same. In short, misusing beard oil on hair can lead to a greasy, oily appearance. They will, but your hair up there will look and feel much oilier than your beard hair does. A small amount of beard oil can go a long way for your scalp. It can also be too expensive. Beard oil is comparatively more costly than regular hair oil. But in terms of safety, beard oil is more gentle and infused with purely natural ingredients; there would be no issues applying it on the tough skin of the scalp.

You can use your beard oil in several non-beard-related ways since beard oil works to produce healthy skin for beard growth.

  • Helps Heal Scalp Wounds - Some beard oils have antibacterial and antiseptic healing qualities, so you can increase the healing process of wounds by applying a few drops to the scalp wound. Oil aids to heal skin wounds faster with minimal scarring, and also acts as an anti-inflammatory and aids in generating new skin cells.
  • Helps Fight Dandruff - Applying a few drops of beard oil containing jojoba oil helps fight dandruff. It creates a barrier that replicates the skin's natural sebum production.
  • Cure Dry Skin - Almost all beard oils contain Vitamin E, an antioxidant that blocks free radicals and keeps your skin protected from environmental stress. Start with a tiny amount and add more drops if needed because applying too much can disturb the skin's natural balance.

Before you purchase beard oil, be mindful of the components of the ingredients, know your allergies history, and check to make sure you won't be affected by any of its components.