Can I use beard oil as an aftershave?

Can I use beard oil as an aftershave?

When we go shopping for our toiletries, it can be rather overwhelming, especially when looking for beard-care products. You will come across a range of different products that seem to all aimed at doing similar things. 

One thing that you could do is to check the ingredients of your preferred beard oil. It is important to remember that you need to use an aftershave that is designed for you if you have sensitive skin. Good shaving doesn't just remove the hair bits from your face. It opens up all the pores that the hair once occupied. The pores act almost like open wounds; when they are open, all the dirt can get into them. They won't hurt or risk your health the same way a cut might, but they should be appropriately disinfected all the same. Aftershave products usually contain antiseptics that kill germs and clean out your pores to keep them safe from infections.

If you are to use beard oil as an aftershave, you will not get the same benefits you would if you used aftershave. It will assist you in moisturizing your face, but it will not reduce irritation, nor will it kill any bacteria. With a wide variety of ingredients added in essential oils, there is actually a risk that it can cause irritation by using beard oil as a substitute. But there is no harm in trying. It will sting a bit, but it isn't the case with everyone.

Beard oils are designed to promote healthy beard growth. Some say that you should not use beard oil as an aftershave. Its lighter scents may dissipate through the day, but you're supposed to reapply them again four to five hours later anyways. Your oil and your cologne will definitely clash. We usually refrain from using them together.

But I believe that you certainly can use beard oil aftershave. Beard oils have many moisturizing ingredients that can soften your skin and prevent dryness even if you have little or no beard hair. Beard oil also has the same soothing and anti-irritant properties as an aftershave.

But keep in mind that the purposes of both are very different. Aftershave is used to dry out the pores and work as an antiseptic, while on the other hand, the oil may just clog your pores leading up to lots of unavoidable acne on your skin.

Although beard oil doesn't perform the exact same function as an aftershave, there are still people who swear by it. For, such as a known beard-haver, Cliff Original swears by bead oil as an aftershave. The moisturizing effect from the oil leaves him feeling smooth and helps to keep his skin feeling great aftershave.

Final Note

Nothing terrible would happen if you used beard oil in place of aftershave, but you wouldn't get the actual benefits you want out of a natural aftershave. In my personal experience, I feel that applying beard oil on top of aftershave neutralizes a lot of the benefits of beard oil.


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