Does Beard Oil Cause Breakouts

Beards have become an essential part of modern men's styling. Beard is considered a symbol of lethargy. It is also taken as a powerful symbol of professionalism.

People are accepting this fashion with the adjustment of style according to their face shape.  Beard works as a complement to your personality.

Yet beard has become the most important part of our life; it needs proper care and maintenance. Beard hair is similar to the hair on our head and also require a proper care routine.

There are a lot of beard care products available in the market. All of these products have a lot of benefits along with some drawbacks. We can't ignore the problems that come with the use of these products.

A wise choice of beard care product can save you from a lot of skin and beard problems. The most popular beard products are beard oil, beard balm, beard control etc. the most popular of them all is beard oil.

But the question is, does the beard oil breakouts acne and pimples on your skin. Let us find the answer to this question.

Well, the answer to this question depends on several factors. Come on; we will dig out the answer to this question.

  1. Presence of Comedogenic oils.

When selecting a beard oil for your skin, you should look at the ingredients added to the oil. Comedogenic is an ingredient used in most oils that block your skin pores and cause blackheads.

Blackheads are the main reason for acne breakouts. When you have an acne problem, you should avoid beard oils that have comedogenic ingredients.

In this situation, try to choose the bead oil with argan oil, jojoba oil and black seed oil as the main ingredient.

  1. Oil Usage.

A second most important factor in avoiding any breakouts on your skin is the time you use oil. When you have a non- Comedogenic beard oil, you should also have a proper beard care routine to follow.

In that routine, you should use the oil after washing your face thoroughly. It is often seen that using a scrub or any exfoliator is not part of men routine, and as a result, their pores become clogged and cause acne and pimple breakouts.

On dirty and clogged pores, skin beard oil will not work and can resist any breakout. That why using a soap or charcoal facewash is recommended.

  1. Your Skin and Beard Oil.

Beard oil is not only beneficial for your beard only but also your skin. It can reduce itching, irritation and swelling.

The beard oil works as a moisturizer on your skin and also restore your skin. It prevents your skin from getting dry and minimizing the pores on the skin.

When you are following the best skin and beard care routine, you will feel the ultimate change in the health of your skin. When skin is healthy, no breakouts are possible.