How to apply mustache wax

How to apply mustache wax

There are many styling products out in the markets for facial hair. More often than not, it's mainly beard balms, beard oils, and a plethora of hairstyling products. And due to their abundance in the men's grooming market, sometimes mustache waxes get lost in the mix and don't receive as much love as it deserves. However, growing your mustache can be pretty rewarding for those willing to utilize the proper methods and tools to achieve perfection. Mustache wax has aesthetic and practical qualities.

  • It keeps the mustache looking healthy and neatly kept
  • The thicker texture keeps unruly mustache hair in the same direction
  • Reduces dandruff and itchiness by moisturizing the skin underneath the beard hair
  • Most of all, mustache waxes have a subtle scent to make your grooming routine enjoyable

Is Mustache wax necessary?

How to apply mustache wax

Yes. Like a beard, mustaches can become very unruly without proper maintenance and care. Mustache wax is like a 2-in-1 product–not only can it be used to achieve a particular look, but many on the market contain nourishing oils that moisturize to prevent itchiness and dandruff.

Mustache wax can be applied in a few easy steps.

Step 1

Scrape a small amount of wax with the back of your nail. Wipe the wax onto your thumb. Rub the wax back and forth 2 to 3 times between your index finger and thumb.

Step 2

Heat up the mustache wax between your pointer finger and thumb until all clumps are smoothed out and melted. Make sure the wax is at room temperature before applying. You may want to put it in your pocket, over a warm vent, on top of the coffee pot, etc., to make the wax even easier to apply. Running the tin under hot water has also been found to work well. If you warm the wax-up in the tin, it is not necessary to rub the wax back and forth between your fingers before applying. The rubbing back and forth is to warm the wax-up. Still, it is not needed if the wax is already significantly warmed in the tin and will create the opposite effect of cooling off the wax and possibly making it crumble and not go on smoothly.

Step 3

Apply the product to the mustache using your pointer finger and thumb in a pulling-away motion–almost like pinching the hairs between your fingers. Start from the middle and pull and pinch your way outwards. You can also use a regular hair comb to spread the wax evenly through the mustache. Hold the comb with the base pointed downward, almost parallel to the skin, and the tines facing upward. Repeatedly draw the comb down through the mustache, moving the comb along with the mustache with each new stroke from one end of the mustache to the other.

You can apply using your index finger, or you can use both your index finger and a comb. It’s up to your comfort.

There isn't a "best" mustache wax.  It all comes down to one's choice and what kind of scent you like.

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