How to Brush a Beard: Getting It Done Like a Pro

How to Brush a Beard: Getting It Done Like a Pro

Beard brushes are must-have care tools for every bearded man. Grooming long facial hair necessitates proper shaping and maintenance. Putting hair of any size or length to shape works well with brushes or combs. Sadly, combs don’t penetrate as deep as brushes do. Brush bristles penetrate deeper layers of your beard, conditioning and grooming it immaculately for a fuller and attractive beard. Beard brushes deliver punchy strokes that ensure the proper distribution of balm, oil, and serum. Whether you’ve grown your beard for some time or you’re getting started, here is how to brush a beard.


How to Brush a Beard: Reasons You Should Do It

Before we get into details of how to brush beards, it’s well-merited to analyze why you should do it. Why should you brush your beard? Is it worth it? We will give you three reasons brushing a beard is a worthy grooming technique.

Brushing Neatly Outlines Your Beard

One famous hair brushing technique bearded men love is pulling it downwards in the direction of the chin. This technique levels out vagrant hairs to create a sharp and neat beard outline. Some love brushing their beards vertically downwards in the line of their cheek beards, which produces an attractive square-shaped outline.

You can also brush down your fore beard {the hair above your chin} to create a straight and neat outline. Another great technique is to brush the fore beard and cheek beard downwards towards the chin area to achieve a pretty and sharp outline.

These techniques pull facial hair along the hair growth direction, which gives it a neat outline and impressive look. It also puts stray hair in place for a neater and even outline.

Brushing Adds Volume to Your Beard

Brushing the neckbeard is problematic. As part of your beard’s lower bulk hair, it’s not always on sight. But since it’s responsible for giving your beard enough support by flattening it and evening out the lower beard, it’s worth your attention and care. When you gently brush the neckbeard upwards in the direction of your chin, it gives support to the fore beard and adds fullness to the lower beard. This ultimately results in a balanced beard look characterized by fullness and a decent outline.

It Creates a Routine

Brushing your beard is easy. It’s a routine you can follow with minimal to no hassle. You can repeat the process every day for as long as you have a beard.

Brush and Comb

How to Brush a Beard: Tips and Secrets

As indispensable arsenals to maintaining a healthy and fuller-looking beard, brushes can take your hair to heights of beauty, fullness, and uniformity you’ve never thought of. Whatever brush size, type, or brand, here is a primer on the secrets and tips for brushing a beard.

Brush the Beard When Clean and Dry

Wash your beard with beard soap or beard shampoo before brushing. Don’t brush it straightaway. Allow the beard some minutes to dry before you gently brush it to your liking. When wet, beard hair will stretch, which leads to breaking and snapping. I know you wouldn’t want to lose volumes of beard hair after brushing.

Oil Your Beard Properly

One simple hack to achieve impressive results when brushing your beard is to oil it first. Your beard grooming kit can never lack beard oil, which happens to be a powerful tool for moisturizing the skin the beard sits on and the beard follicles. It acts as the perfect source of sebum, which naturally adds life to your beard and the skin beneath.

Oiling beards before brushing allow the brush to slip slickly through the mustaches. It keeps the beard hydrated, ensuring the brushed hair has a sharp and refined outline.

Brush your Beard along the Grain

One mistake men make while brushing their beards is doing it against the grains. A man’s beard grains flow from the top beard to the chin. Brushing against the grains usually results in a beard that looks shabby and unattractive. Brush your beard from the sides close to the ear and then downwards in the direction of the chin. The routine you follow in brushing your hair will determine the order in which the beard will grow.

The hair on your neck mainly grows in reverse to the hair on the face, so when you brush your beard in the direction of the grains, you’re simply brushing the neckbeard hair against the grain. However, if you keep brushing regularly, you will train the hair to grow in that direction.

Use the Brush After Waxing

Most men don’t allow the thought of brushing their beards after waxing to grow into an actionable decision. What they don’t understand is that beard waxing and beard oiling, when combined with proper brushing, can give the beard pretty looks characterized by a sharp and decent outline. You must apply the wax appropriately before brushing. Try melting the beard wax between your palms and fingers and then evenly spread it all through the beard. Once the beard is waxed correctly, you should then brush the beard to your desired shape.

Know The Direction You Want Your Beard Hair to Flow

Brushing the beard anyhow in any direction is a mistake most men make every day. If you’re starting or have been brushing your beard for years, you must know how your hair flows. Decide how to brush the hair based on whether you want to achieve an even, coarse, square-shape or neat, sharp outline. Check with your barber to know which beard hair styling will work best for you, depending on your hair type.


Brushing and combing beards is one issue men debate on frequently. If it’s not about the direction to brush the hair, it’s about which brushes to use or the time and frequency to brush the beards. Whichever questions you’ve had about brushing your beards, whether curly or straight, read out today’s primer to get an idea on how to do it like a pro. Master the tricks recommended and follow the hacks religiously to grow that sharp outlined, well-shaped and attractive beard everyone finds eye-catching.