How To Eat When You Have a Long Beard?

How To Eat When You Have a Long Beard?

Having a mustache and a beard is just part of the man code; it makes men want to be you and women want to be with you. Aside from those good characteristics, there is one beard problem that may make even the manliest of men tremble in dread. How to eat when you have a long beard?

It's challenging to eat a plate of nachos with molten cheese or sip a boiling hot bowl of soup without having half of the contents caught in the beard. Not to worry, if you take to heart and use a few of these practical techniques for eating with a beard, you should be able to leave the table debris-free at the conclusion of the meal.

Keeping Food out of Beard

As a general guideline, if you wish to eat with a beard while using a fork or spoon, don't overburden your utensil. The less food you have on your spoon and fork, the more likely it will travel directly into your mouth and not get entangled in your facial hair. Even better, before you take a mouthful of anything, use your fingers and thumb to brush away any hair near your lips with your forefinger and thumb.

If you remember to roll your top lip upward as you drop your lower lip while eating with a beard, your teeth will be more visible, and the mustache will be angled away from your mouth, increasing the amount of room for you to feed yourself. If you're planning to consume messy cuisines like chilly, cheese nachos, or soup, have a damp facecloth handy to wipe up any spills quickly. This is preferable to utilizing the whole stack of napkins on the table. Using a moist towel or handkerchief can assist in avoiding any paper particles, such as those from a paper napkin, becoming entangled in your facial hair.

Another Way to Eat with a Long Beard

Bring some unscented baby wipes with you if you have a beard. If they're good enough for a baby's delicate bottom, they'll certainly keep your face clean no matter how filthy the food is. What about when you consume things that are too big for your mouth using your hands, such as a huge hoagie sandwich? So, if you want to maintain your beard clean, you'll have to be a bit creative. The key is to rotate the food up and underneath the mustache, then just open your mouth wider than usual. Keep mustache and beard wax away from your lips. Food will tend to cling to these areas, making cleanup more difficult.

Keep Drinking Out of Beard

It is far simpler to keep drinks out of your beard than it is to keep meals out of your facial hair. This may be an issue for the macho guy who likes his beer in an ice-cold cup. The easiest solution is to drink more water via a straw or from a water bottle. Travel mugs direct the liquid via a smaller hole, reducing the number of debris that comes into touch with your beard and mustache. Try to remember to sip from your bottom lip; it may seem odd at first, but it becomes second nature once you get the hang of it.

Hope so; you understood how to eat when you have a long beard? Regardless of what you drink or eat when wearing a beard, have a handkerchief handy, so you can quickly wipe off any food or fluids. It will become simpler to maintain your facial hair clean if you establish a regimen.