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How to Get Rid of Beard Dandruff or “Beardruff"

Guys with beards know this scenario all too well. You are sitting, pondering, thinking, probably coming up with a great idea and when you do this, of course, you stroke your beard for help. The problem is, you are wearing a dark shirt and all of a sudden, your shirt is covered in white flakes. This can be embarrassing. And what are you going to do? You are not going to stop stroking your beard while sitting, thinking, pondering and coming up with great ideas! Your beard is probably where those great ideas come from in the first place! No, the answer is not to stop touching your beard, it is to get rid of your beard dandruff or “beardruff”. Here are the best ways to get rid of beardruff so it won’t take away from your great beard stroking moments.

Get rid of beardruff

What Causes Beardruff?
Beard dandruff is caused by the same set of circumstances that cause dandruff on your head. Dry skin cells clump together and become visible white flakes. This condition is usually itchy as well and as you itch your beard, the white flakes fall out. These dry skin cells can be caused by environmental conditions like cold, dry weather or by a fungus called Malassezia globose which naturally grows in oily areas of your body that do not get sunlight such as your scalp or under your beard. The resulting flakes can fall all over you and your clothes and lead to embarrassing situations where you do not look your best. So how do you get rid of beard dandruff? Let’s look at a few ways to do so.

How to Get Rid of Beardruff
If you experience beard dandruff at certain times of the year or even on a regular basis there is good news. By following some simple steps and adding a few products to your repertoire, you can easily get rid of beardruff and have a luxurious, soft, clean, flake-free beard. These habits and products will not only eliminate beardruff but will also give you a softer, more manageable beard that is healthy and smells good all the time.

Exfoliate Your Beard
Exfoliate is a big word but has a very simple meaning. It means to shed off an outer layer of skin. The way you do this with your beard is by purchasing and using a beard brush. Brushing your beard will help knock off the dry skin cells more often before they get a chance to clump or develop bacteria. It will also help to more evenly distribute your body’s natural oils which will help keep your skin from drying out and, again, protect from bacteria. Just be careful and brush gently. Brushing too hard with a beard brush can actually add to the irritation of the skin underneath your beard and create more issues than it solves.

Wash Your Beard
Many guys with beards do not take the time to specifically wash their beard. Sure, you wash your face and your beard is part of your face but really getting in there, down to the skin and using the right products to do so is what will help eliminate beardruff for good. Use an organic soap that exfoliates as well. That will take care of two birds with one stone. You can find exfoliating organic soaps in all sorts of scents too so you will step out of the shower with your beard smelling fresh and clean as well.

Use Beard Oil
Now we get into the specialty beard products you need to be using if you are going to have a serious, long-term beard. Beard oils are made from a combination of all kinds of good oils for your beard hair and skin underneath. You want to look for a product that contains a blend of oils like Avacado, Hempseed, Grapeseed, Apricot kernel, and others. When you get out of the shower with a damp beard, put a drop or two of the oil on your hands and massage it into your beard making sure it gets all the way through to the roots of the hair and on to your face. This will moisturize your skin, condition your hair and even prevent ingrown hairs.

Use Beard Balm
Beard balm is another great specialty product used by all true beard aficionados. Beard balms are made out of things like beeswax, sunflower oil, and shea butter. Like beard oil, it helps moisturize your skin and helps prevent dry itchy skin, which, as we know, is one of the root causes of beardruff. Once again, after the shower, put a dime-sized portion of beard balm on your hand and slowly massage it all over your beard and into your skin. You can do this daily to help with beardruff and tough beards. Another great thing about beard balms is that you can find ones that come in all kind of great scents to give your face and your beard a nice, classy smell. Mix it up! Pick up a few beard balms that smell different so depending on your mood or occasion you can find great scents like Vanilla Madain, Honey Tobacco, Tonka Sandalwood, Vetiver Cumin or Vanilla Patchouli.

With a few simple additions to your routine and your bathroom cabinet, you can not only get rid of beardruff but have a soft, shiny, healthy and good smelling beard. One more word of warning. As you add products from your beard grooming arsenal you want to look for natural, organic products which will be much easier on your beard and skin. Products with harsh chemicals may clear up some issues immediately but can be very hard on your face long-term. You can also find great, affordable beard products that are made ethically and cruelty-free right here in the USA. Check out products from our website where you can find 100% organic, all-natural beard products and accessories that will leave your beard looking and feeling it’s best.