How to style your beard for work

How to style your beard for work

Beards are more prevalent at work than ever before. Everywhere you go, you notice men sporting designer stubble, a goatee, or a corporate beard. Whatever style you’re going for, you need to make sure that it’s professional-looking. If you possess a beard, it's vital to maintain good office etiquette by employing the necessary grooming techniques to look like you're ready for a powerful business meeting at any time of the day. Who knows? Maybe your beard will convince suppliers to enter into a partnership with your company.

Work beard

Tips to make your yeard, tweard, or circle beard prepared for work

Proportion your beard to your face- From weak chins to high cheekbones, every man comes in different face sizes and shapes. While you can't trim your beard the first couple of weeks, you grow it in. You can always proportion it after four to six weeks. You can also select a particular style because not everyone shares the same facial size.

Prune when necessary- Pruning is a critical aspect of grooming. Even if you plan on growing it out in length or width, it’s still essential to give it a trim when necessary. There are all sorts of ways to prune your beard, from cropping the hair to helping it grow long. This is the only way to take care of a professional beard.

Proper Beard Tools

The important thing is to own the right tools to keep the beard looking good and fresh. Gather the right tools and supplies to ensure that it is neat and looks impressive. Use proper shears or trimmers when necessary.

Carry a beard comb

It is a valuable idea to carry a beard comb with you and give it a nice brush every so often. Your beard may look erratic due to harsh weather or someone who likes to stroke his beard while you think, then you might mess it up a bit.

There are a number of different beard styles to choose from. These beards can be shaped to give you the look you want, from short scruff to medium-sized beards to the full-lumberjack. Pick the right style based on the shape of your face to create an even-graduated oval shape with both your beard and jaw. Lastly, keep it proportional to your face. Wide face = okay for a long beard. A narrow, long face is suitable for a short beard.

Corporate style man

Corporate Beard Style

The corporate beard style is worn by men who work in an office environment that has a strict beard policy. Some workplaces do allow their employees to wear beards, as long as they are kept short and clean. The corporate beard, or the business beard, is a very short full-face beard that is evenly trimmed and the edges well-maintained. This beard style works well with a suit and tie, and it’s perfect for any job that allows well-maintained short beards.

Now that you’ve figured out what beard style works best for your face shape, it’s time to break out the shears. Good Luck!