How to Use a Beard Brush

Your beard tells something about your personality. Even if you have naturally neat beards, you have to be serious about maintenance. And a beard brush makes it easy to keep your beard in top condition. However, there is something to learn about the proper use of this grooming tool. In this post, we will discuss how to use a beard brush.

What Is a Beard Brush?

Well, it is a simple grooming tool used to keep your facial hair we-maintained. It is usually composed of a brush with synthetic or natural hairs. However, this basic description is not enough to define a beard brush. Therefore, now we will dig a little bit deeper.

Parts of a Beard Brush

As we have stated, a beard brush is a simple grooming tool. It is not composed of a lot of parts. Basically, it has two parts: the body and the bristles.

The Body

The body is usually made of plastic or wood. Sometimes fancy materials like ox horn are used. Wood and bamboo are eco-friendly materials, and therefore beard brushes made of these materials are highly popular these days.

However, there is a disadvantage of a wooden brush. It loses its sturdiness and durability if washed in water. So, a brush made of wood should not be washed in water. Dry cleaning is the best option.

Many men prefer plastic or synthetic brushes partly because they are less expensive. Cellulose acetate is a well-known synthetic material used to make beard brushes. This material is popular because of its excellent durability. Beard brush handles are also made of ox horns. In fact, this material has been used since the 1500s.

Beard brushes vary in shapes and sizes. The appearance of the brush, to some extent, determines how you use this grooming tool. A beard brush can be rectangular or oval.


Before we discuss how to use a beard brush, let’s learn the basics of beard brush bristles. Bristles are the most important part of a beard brush. Your beard's overall health and appearance depend on the type of bristles. That is why you should be careful about choosing the right type of bristles.

Generally, beard bristles are of two types: those made from synthetic material and those made from natural hair. The horse here and boar hair are two common types of hairs used for beard brushes. Many experts recommend only boar hair beard brushes because they distribute sebum efficiently.

A variety of synthetic materials, including plastic, are used to make bristles. Relatively cheap brushes usually come with synthetic bristles.

How to Use a Beard Brush (5 Tips)

Use a beard brush every day to take care of your beard. However, you may not want to use it multiple times a day. Consistency is important. Here are some general rules to keep in mind:

1. Use It in the Morning

Besides learning how to use a beard brush, you have to learn when to use this grooming tool. Morning is the best time for your beard maintenance. For most men, this is a convenient time for grooming. With that said, it depends on your daily routine and lifestyle. The key is to engage in the grooming ritual before you get involved in other obligations.

A beard brush is useful in all stages of your beard. So, whether your beard is short or long, use this grooming tool. But taking care of your beard is easier if you have a shorter beard.

2. Avoid Using a Brush When Your Beard Is Wet

A beard brush should be used when your beard is dry. When your beard is wet, wait a few minutes for it to dry. This is because wet hair is more prone to break or snap.

Do not run the brush through your beard just after getting out of the bathroom. As you get dressed, the beard will dry in the meantime. Avoid using a hairdryer.

3. Apply Oil before Brushing Your Beard

You will get the best out of the beard brush if you just apply oil before you brush your beard. In fact, your grooming kit is incomplete without beard oil. It moisturizes not only your beard but also the skin underneath. Your skin naturally produces sebum. Beard oil supplements the production of sebum.

The brush will slide smoothly if oil is applied to the beard. Instead of beard oil, you can consider using beard balm. This conditioner will keep your manes hydrated. However, most men prefer beard oil. Temple Smoke, Four Vices, Tree Ranger, and Old Money are some well-known brands of beard oil.

4. Brush Slowly

If you are wondering how to use a beard brush, here is one important tip for you. Do not rush when you are bruising your beard. Try to avoid that long, mad dash. Take your time and run the brush thoroughly through your beard. And brush your beard with the grain. Brushing in the right direction helps you keep your beard neat and trim.

Start with the beard under your ears and then go downward. There is an advantage of brushing it in this way. As your beard gets longer, it will grow in the direction you want. But when it comes to brushing your neck hair, we recommend brushing against the grain. The reason is that neck hair usually grows in the opposite direction.

Here is another thing to remember, when you encounter tangles and knots in your whisker, do not rush. Take your time to untangle them.

5. Apply Beard Wax before Brushing

Beard balm, beard oil, beard wax -- all serve as conditioners and keep your beard looking its best. Wax is a bit stiff, but it allows you to brush smoothly.

It is important to apply beard wax the right way. First, take some wax between your palms and fingers. It will melt quickly. Then apply it evenly. After that, brush your beard the way you want.

Final Thoughts: How to Use a Beard Brush

A well-maintained beard is a sign of your personality. But if you skip the maintenance part, your beard conveys a completely different message. For a man growing a beard, it is important to learn the right way to use a beard brush. Even if you like a simple lifestyle and hate fancy grooming tools, you are going to need a beard brush. Choose the right beard brush and use it properly.