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How to Use Sea Salt Spray for Hair

What is Sea Salt Spray?

Sea Salt spray is a salt based hair spray which has Kaolinite clay or Dead sea salt as its main ingredient. It gives beach wave volume to your hair. Sea Salt Spray does not have the usual waxy or sticky feel of hair spray. It gives your hair a matte look that's glossy and non-sticky like Jason Mamoa's hair in Aquaman.

Sea salt hair spray

What does Sea Salt Spray do?

Sea salt spray adds separation, texture and luster to your hair as well as depth and layers, plus it gives you the cool surfer hair look. You can run your hands through your hair without feeling any residue all while having a defined style. With the Sea Salt Spray you can recreate the same waves any time, even when the day is humid which usually leaves your hair limp.

Getting the Most Out of Sea Salt Spray

The best way of getting the look and texture of beach hair without a dip in the ocean is to use sea salt spray. What makes this product so great that most men absolutely love it? It smells great, it adds volume to your hair and beard, it gives you an effortless, just-ran-my-fingers-through hair, and it's absolutely easy to use!

Does Sea Salt Spray smell like the Sea?

No. We thought the same thing though. It smells like whatever scent is added to it.

How To Use Sea Salt Spray

Beach babe hair

Step 1: Dampen your hair

We've found that shampooing immediately before applying the spray will leave your scalp too dry for the spray to give you its best application. In the end you want that "wave" look therefore you don’t want to your hair to lose its natural oils. Don't wash your hair immediately before you use the spray. Don’t damage your hair, use only when your hair has naturally built up oils.

If you want your hair to look more refined and less messy, spray it on dry and already styled hair to give it more definition and texture without frizz.

But, if you decide to Shampoo...

  • If you decide to take a shower, then we recommend you use a moisturizing shampoo with conditioner. Because salt dries your hair, choose a suitable moisturizing product.
  • Do not use DRY shampoo right before applying the sea salt spray. It strips the hair of volume and bounce. Take a day or two after applying the shampoo before using your salt spray.

Step 2: Do a comb through

Combing your hair helps separate the strands. Blow drying hair is not necessary at this point.

 Combing the hair will separate the follicles and help fall the hair more naturally. It also remove tangles and allows the sea salt to work properly.

Step 3: Apply Sea Salt Spray

This is the fun part. Spray and let it work its magic. Make sure you shake the sea salt spray well. This is important as the sediments settle at the bottom of the bottle when it's left standing for too long. There is no overdoing this. This ensures the product is ready for application. Shake, baby, shake.

Spray evenly on each section of your hair. The top, the mid, the lower and the sides.

If you're not going to use the spray on your hair roots, you can use a dry shampoo and conditioner.

Once the spray is applied, twist, crunch and scrunch as you wish. This styles your hair and leaves you with a handsome bearded god look (like Aquaman).

…Or you can,

Take a shower and shampoo overnight and apply sea salt spray right before starting your day. It'll last the whole day.

Let’s Recap:

  • Use moisturizer/conditioner
  • Avoid dry shampoo
  • Shake the sea salt spray well
  • Apply to all sections of your hair; Top, Mid, Lower and Sides
  • Spray and twist to define your hair style

Approximate Time Needed: 2 Minutes

Step 4: Setting your hair

Your surfer look is almost complete. Now it's time to dry your hair.

You can either,

One: you can opt to use a blow drier, but remember to use it on the cool setting. The better the hairdryer, the better your hair will look once done. Hold it at a distance.

Two: Air Dry! If your hair was dampened and not soaked, it shouldn't take long to air dry.

What to look for in the best Sea Salt Hair Sprays

One:  Ingredients

Choose a sea salt spray which contains a balanced mixture of natural salt and nourishing ingredients such as Aloe Vera, Coconut water, and proteins.

Two: Style

Achieving a textured, messy hairstyle with sea salt spray should be easily done. Your hair should be pliable after applying your spray.

Three: Hold

The staying power of the sea salt spray is defined as the hold of the product. This is how long a style can hold while giving the movement to the hair. A good sea salt spray holds the hair without the need for any additional products like Gel and hairsprays.

Four: Scent

A sea salt spray would be incomplete without the scent of the sea and beach. Various brands add scents like Citrus, Aloe Vera, and Coconut to create more unique scents.

Five: Shine

The glossy look sea salt spray leaves on your hair is the shine of the product. The higher the shine, the wetter the look it gives. Some brands have only a slight shine to give a matte look.   

A Few Extra pointers:

  • Use your palm to spread the salt spray evenly.
  • Let it settle for a minute or two, then hand pull your hair and style it.
  • Choose and apply your products in natural order (moisturizer, conditioner, sea salt spray)

 Cheers and thanks for reading.

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