Permanent Facial Hair Removal for Males

Permanent Facial Hair Removal for Males

Permanent facial hair removal for males is now an option in today’s world after so many years of shaving and shaving the same spot. Removing facial hair permanently means doing away with the facial hair including the roots. This way the hair never grows again. Now there are two main ways of facial hair removal for males; laser hair removal and electrolysis. The main reason permanent facial hair removal for males is in vogue now is basically to do away with the shaving and all the razor burns that they usually combat after every shaving. The most common facial hair that most men often want to remove is the ingrown hair at the neck. 

Permanent Facial Hair Removal for Males - Different Methods

There are two main basic ways of facial hair removal for men. As we might have mentioned earlier, the two main ways are laser removal and the electrolysis method. The methods are totally different and there are different results and processes involved, same as there are different outcomes in the end. 

Laser hair removal

One thing that we ought to be prepared for when we go for laser hair removal is the fact that hair removal by this method is basically not to do away with all the hair but to do what we refer to as thinning basically, hair removal by this method is effective for thinning the facial hair by about 85% compared to electrolysis this method is less painful and less time-consuming. To that effect, we may say that laser hair removal is not so effective to help us put away the razor for good but at least it can be effective for permanent facial hair thinning for good. On the side of the cost, compared to electrolysis, this one can be less expensive. 

There is not much to know about laser hair removal but it is not a complicated process as it may sound. Additionally, there are specific candidates for the method. The laser method of facial hair removal for males mainly identifies the specific points of hair removal by means of contrast. The dark spots on the skin mainly emanate from the points we commonly shave and this is an added advantage for dark-haired guys. The other hair colors as grey and brown or red can be nice candidates for the electrolysis process.


This is the method of fully removing the facial hair on whichever spot we want it done. Electrolysis is more painful and more time-consuming but at least it has more results consuming the laser method. Since all types of hair can be good candidates for this method, we do not have to worry so much about the type of hair we have. However, the best candidates for this method are those with light, blonde, red or grey hair. For this method, we have to get prepared that it costs a lot more than the cost of shaving even every morning.

However, what if we do this once and for all and save the few minutes we use shaving plus all the hassle that comes with the process? Many people tend to fear going for this as it is sometimes very painful and quite more expensive than other methods. However, one thing we have to be assured of is that we have the results in the end.

What electrolysis basically does is destroy the root of the hair follicles by inserting an electrolyzed needle into the root of the follicle so that the hair does not grow again. However in some cases after a long time, the hair has grown again. It is a bit unusual but biologically possible. The cases are rare though. It doesn’t have to stop us from doing away with the facial hair permanently. 

Are these methods of hair removal safe for health?

Some people tend to doubt the health safety of the methods of hair removal. The two methods plus many other pharmaceutical products that are certified are totally safe for use. The methods are carried out in dermatology clinics all over the world and the results have never shown any sign of health disorder unless influenced by other factors. 

The main thing that we are advised to do is to discuss any medical complications or conditions with the dermatologist or any other professional that is working on the hair removal first before we can undertake the treatment. If there is any other unusual sign about the hair growth or condition after the process, one should visit their doctor for further advice and diagnosis for any underlying conditions.

Other Methods of Facial Hair Removal for Males


Waxing has relatively evolved since it was popularly known for women. However, these days it can be done on both males and females. This method basically involves the use of a waxing cream that is applied on the part of the face that has to be treated by the use of specially manufactured pieces of cloth. 

The cloth is placed on the spot, left for some time, and left to dry. After drying, they are pulled out and they come off with all the hair. This can be very effective for the removal of neck ingrown hair as well as hair in the ears. It is a little painful but is usually very effective.

Cream hair removers

There are several of these available in the market and they can be used for effective hair removal on the face too. There are different brands of the same but they perform the same function. When applied, these destroy the hair follicle growth and therefore the hair cannot grow again.

Final Word: Permanent Facial Hair Removal for Males

There are several methods of facial hair removal for males that are so effective. However, it is important that we know what we are going for. Some are costly and some are painful but at long last, the main thing is that we might be able to put our razors down for good. However, we have to be careful with the pharmaceutical products out of the dermatologist’s advice. It is also better to go for other methods that are performed by experts to be so sure of what we are doing.