Beard Growth Stages

For many men, growing out their beards can be a painstaking process. Most young men initially grow thin and patchy beards and wonder when they will grow a full beard. But eventually, changes take place because beards grow in stages.

In order to understand beard growth, you have to understand the stages of beard growth. In this post, we are going to cover the 5 beard growth stages.

Beard Growth Stages

First Stage: Clean Shaven

This is the stage at which your jaw is not completely covered with hair. At this stage, you should use some moisturizers to hydrate your jaw. You are creating conditions for beard growth, similar to land preparation in Agriculture.

At this stage, your facial hairs will show some signs of growth. And if you hydrate your skin regularly, the growth may be a bit faster. 

Second Stage: Stubble

At this stage, bristly, short hair comes out, and you may feel an itchy sensation. Instead of using normal soap, you are advised to use beard wash at this stage. This is in part because soon you will need to soften your bristle, making it itch less.

The beard wash will also help you keep your beard and pores clean. Underneath the beard, the skin will also remain healthy and supple due to unblocked pores. Healthy skin is a precondition for good beard health.

It is important to remove dead skin cells and dirt from your skin. Keeping your skin clean is one of the best ways to promote beard health.

Third Stage: Official Beard

Your beard growth rate determines the duration of your stubble beard. For many men, the stubble stage is a bit annoying. And after this annoying stage comes the official beard stage.

Most men are desirous of this “official beard”, and it can be referred to as the pinnacle of the beard growth stages. At this stage, you will look more like a real man. However, you will have to be careful about follicular health.

It is usually is a very good idea to soften your beard at this stage using a beard conditioner. If your beard grows fast, you will still have to deal with stubble hair, which is bit coarse and stubborn. You can get a high-quality beard moisturizer here. Choose your favorite scent and use it to soften your beard.

Fourth Stage: Middle Length Beard

Of all the beard growth stages, this stage requires the most care and maintenance. At this stage, your beard will need expert care. You will have to eat right, but if you can't, you'll have to take vitamin supplements. If you are not careful about the cleanliness of your beard, soon you will notice the presence of fungus or dandruff. Ideally, at this stage, your beard should feel fresh, be flake-free, and soft.

Apply beard oil to freshen up your beard. This is one of the best ways to groom and nourish your beard. Oils keep your beard hydrated and conditioners soften your beard. Oils will also keep the scalp clean by removing dandruff.

Fifth Stage: Wild Beard

At this stage, you will have to control the growth of your beard and keep it in good shape. As your beard grows in length, it will have a character of its own. And you have to make sure that the beard does not in every which direction it wishes.

So, you will have to tame your beard. And it requires some effort on your part. Use some beard products. Beard balm works in the same way as a pomade. It makes your beard more pliable, and easier to sculpt. Use beard oil to soften you beard before shaving.

Based on your taste, you have to determine your beard size at this stage. Styling a wild beard is easier because there are plenty of options.

When applying beard balm or jelly, make sure you avoid over-using the product. To keep your mane in shape, massage the product gently in without tangling your beard hair.

When Is a Beard Fully Developed?

Now you have a good grasp of beard growth stages. But how long does your beard grow before it stops growing?

Most men start developing a beard just after adolescence. And their beards are fully developed when men are roughly twenty years old. However, beard growth varies from person to person.

A boy can start growing a beard at the age of twelve, and the beard can be fully developed when the boy is seventeen or eighteen.

So, the bottom line is, a beard is fully developed when a man is at full adulthood.

Factors Other Than Genetics Can Determine Beard Growth

Genetics plays a very important role in all teenage beard growth stages. However, there are some other important factors. The rate of beard growth also depends on what you eat, your body toxins, and your stress level.

The growth of a beard can be greatly affected by some habits such as smoking. Giving up smoking is one of the best things you can do to promote your beard health. And smoking cessation has numerous other health benefits. It is important to remember that the health of your beard depends on your overall health.  

Teenagers and young men tend to stay up late, which can have a devastating effect on their health. Lack of sleep causes a host of health issues, and these issues will definitely affect your beard health.

Modern life is stressful, even for young people. Some of these stress triggers are unavoidable, but the good news is, you can adopt strategies to handle stress in your everyday life. Yoga and meditation can help you deal with stress, and lead a calm and balanced life.

So, it is not entirely up to your genetics. If you are serious about growing a beard, you may need to make some changes in your lifestyle.

Final Thoughts: Beard Growth Stages

Beards grow in stages. And if you have knowledge about these stages, you are better prepared for beard care and maintenance. We've laid out the stages in detail, but these stages may not always be distinctly noticeable, because beard growth varies a lot from person to person. We hope now you have the tools to know what to expect when growing a beard and use them accordingly to grow a magnificent beard.