What makes a man attractive to women?

What makes a man attractive to women?

A man who takes care with his grooming will likely take good care of a woman and kids too. This is one reason why you should pay attention to your looks. If you look like you have things put together, a woman is more likely to trust you. This is because they get a sense that you can be more trusted than a man with an unkempt beard and hasn’t washed or cared for themselves for quite some time.

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Qualities That Women Find Attractive

The dad bod: Man who has fun, and doesn't take himself too seriously. While you want to look put together, it is completely okay to flaunt that dad bod. We don’t all have the time to get to the gym. In fact, if you are a single dad, this says a lot about you. You want to have the time to take care of your kids. We only have so much time in the day, and with the world as it is now, most of us work long hours. Once we get home, we have housework and cooking to do. When you are alone and doing it all, it is hard to squeeze in that gym time. However, do your best to keep your dad bod from becoming overpowering by eating right and with proper portions.

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A kind man: The Halo Effect, is one where one aspect of your character reflects on other aspects of your life, making you generally attractive due to one great personality trait. This is very important to  women as they care less about the physical and more about your personality. This is actually the same for both men and women.

A somewhat hairy man: Hair and beards are attractive to women, with the most attractive being stubble. Live a little and let your hair down on the weekends, man. This will show that you can have a serious side but can let fun things happen with the ladies.

A sense of self-humor: Even if you're not hilarious, get the joke, joke tellers look more attractive and intelligent, social comfort, more desirable. Having some jokes that you can share in a moment has never hurt anyone. By keeping people laughing, you will be one they will want to keep around.

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Older men: An older man may have a non-aggressive look, making him appear less intimidating than a younger man. Older men are also seen as being more understanding. They are typically more responsible and financially stable as they have had more time to grow up and mature. Older men are typically more in control of their emotions and know what they want and need.

Wit/intelligence: Women like men that are smart and can hold good conversation. They like to have men challenge their thought processes and provoke them into thinking. This can be a great way to relate deeply to someone. Being smart and observant about things around you helps lead you to intelligent and thought-provoking conversations. Sarcasm is also often a great conversation starter.

Risk-taking: Women like men that aren’t wimps. Let’s be honest. Women don’t want a man that they can’t count on when things get tough. This also comes from the primal instinct of the human race. Women are looking for mates that are strong and can help in various situations. But they are not into men who take excessive or stupid risks such as playing chicken on a motorcycle but moderate risks like starting their own business.

Nurturing: If you are a great dad, you can show a sign of being nurturing. Being a pet owner can show this trait as well. Women like to be nurtured and cared for by the men in their lives. Nurturing a pet or child will show them that you have these qualities, and can be counted on to be a partner in caring for your dependents.

Whichever of these traits you possess, work on honing them to present the best part of you at any time.