What To Do with Your Beard in Hot Weather?

What To Do with Your Beard in Hot Weather?

Some guys think that shaving their beards before it becomes hot would help them stay cool. It's almost sad to see this since it's just not true. In fact, to trap heat inside it, your beard would have to grow as thick as a rabbit's fur, which has nearly three times as many follicles concentrated per square centimeter.

Beards look good because summer doesn't have an expiry date. However, we wholeheartedly support the summer beard. To maintain a good and healthy beard in the summer, just adjust your beard care routine to combat the heat. Keep reading this blog for the main tips for What to do with your beard in hot weather.

Summer beard

Wash Your Beard Frequently

The summer heat will cause you to sweat more, which will result in increased stickiness and moisture around your face. Wash your beard more often than usual using a sulfate-free shampoo that won't dry out your skin. This will eliminate any unpleasant sticky sensation as well as the dirt that tends to accumulate in our facial nets. Finish with a lightweight conditioner to keep the skin and hair supple. Remember to use conditioner with the beard line as well, since skin tends to be drier there.

Pay Proper Attention to Moisturizing

Because beard hair is coarser than the hair on the rest of your body, it is critical to keep it moisturized. If you do not do so, you may get more annoyed in inclement weather. To soften beard hair, reduce irritation, and manage frizz, use beard oil (which has a lighter consistency than beard balm).

Use Sunscreen

Even during a sunscreen-heavy season, hair – both on your head and on your face – tends to be ignored. However, doing so will aggravate fragile hair since the sun's rays break down hair cuticles, causing hair color to fade and strands to dry up. Worse, in the summer, this damage is compounded by the heat and waves.

Because you can't stay inside for the whole summer, we recommend adopting a more practical approach and just applying sunscreen to your beard. However, instead of slathering on the thick white cream intended for your body, choose a sunscreen developed specifically for your hair, such as Sachajuan Hair in the Sun. The sunscreen will keep your hair soft, silky, and touchable no matter what the weather throws at it, which is excellent for both you and that particular someone.

Stay Hydrated

Because skin cells are 90% water, drinking enough water on a regular basis helps keep your skin healthy; similarly, being hydrated will protect your beard hair from breaking from the inside out. Every day, drink at least eight 8-ounce glasses of water.

Final Verdict

I hope you understand What to do with your beard in hot weather. You just remember to use beard oil on a regular basis to maintain your skin and freshly growing beard nourished. When your face is properly moisturized, you have a strong foundation for growing a beautiful, good-looking, and healthy beard that you will be pleased to show off to all observers. Remember that healthy skin on your face leads to a healthy beard, therefore we recommend that you use high-quality beard oil to keep your face and facial hair nourished.